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Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Fammies 2019 - Pre-Nominations Warmup

2019 Edition

Hey there Famicast fans! Remember our amazing awards show, the Fammies?

Well we're doing it again this year, and as usual we're asking for your help with nominations! Check the categories below and either email [thefamicast [@]] or tweet [@thefamicast] your nominations!

General reminder - all games should be games that were released in 2019 on Switch!
If it was released in 2004 on PC, but 2019 on Switch - that’s fine!

1. Online Game of the Year
Games that were fun to play with your Famidudes

2. Please Stop…….of the Year
Trends or games you want to STOP

3. Disappointment of the Year
Hype get to Hype nyet.

4. Pleasant Surprise of the Year
Something cool that happened/came out that you weren’t expecting

5. Tokyo Games Show Hype of the Year
Check out the games from TGS2019, what still looks good to you?

6. Need to Play More Next Year….of the Year
You played it a bit this year, but really wanna play more in 2020

7. Complete Garbage of the Year
Your worst gaming experience of 2019.

8. This Game Really Should Be on Switch of the Year
This game is not on Switch, but it really should be. Any game from any system from any year is eligible here.

9. Feature Still Missing From the Switch of the Year
It’s been 3 YEARS now Nintendo!

10. Indie Game of the Year

11. Best Game We Didn’t Mention Last Year because it released too late in 2018
Basically games that came out in December 2018 last year, let's give them credit in 2019!

12. Personal top fives
Feel free to share your most played games of 2019, done by game time.
RULE: Must be a 2019 release on Switch

13. What new Switch games are you looking forward to in 2020?

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