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Friday, December 27, 2019

The Fammies 2019 - Group E - The Famicrew's Top Fives

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Danny's Most Played of 2019

Most of the games in my top five didn’t surprise me, but holy hell, if you were to tell me at the beginning of 2019 that an online puzzle game would be my number one, I wouldn’t have believed you. Tetris 99 came out of nowhere and was really impressive. I’ve always liked Tetris. I mean, who doesn’t? The ability to just jump in and out so quickly made this game one of my go to games throughout the year. The events spread throughout the year, exclusive themes and general updates on top of the tried and true Tetris gameplay made this my most played game of the year. Sure, for pure story, the release of Final Fantasy IX [video review] was amazing and Link’s Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion were amazing when it came to that awesome Nintendo gameplay. I also like baseball. At any rate, 2019 has been an awesome year for gaming on the Switch full of plenty of surprises.

James' Most Played of 2019

This really was the year of too many games for me, and so many good ones! I started off 2019 worrying that NSMBUDX was going to be the only Mario game we'd get then, boom, Super Mario Maker 2, the sequel to the game of the decade gets announced. Happy days indeed! I knew at that point it'd be my No.1 game of the year and I was right 60 hours of making/playing cool Mario levels, heaven! My No.2 was pretty much the opposite of predictable though. A JRPG, seriously? As someone who has a general disdain for the genre, and no history of playing DraQue, it's as surprising to me as to anyone else that I ended up falling in love with Dragon Quest 11. Proof that if you have a good demo and allow the save data to be used in the full version, you can convince a lot of people to buy your game! Luigi's Mansion 3 was on my radar for a while this year, and turned out to be even better than I expected thanks to its amazing animation and visual storytelling. Similarly Link's Awakening was always a game I was going to buy being a fan of the GB version, and I had a really good time revisiting Koholint Island. SteamWorld Quest was a review game that I really got into, and although it didn't win indie of the year I really enjoyed. It's also another game that on paper I wouldn't like (tactical card-based RPG) but actually got into. Hey my tip for 2020, maybe try genres you don't normally play - especially if loads of people are saying it's really good!

Ty's Most Played of 2019

Samurai Shodown is pretty good but I probably won’t play it much more because it has awful netcode. Cadence of Hyrule is great and I’m definitely going to play it more. Fantasy Strike is great and has a lot of clever stuff going on. Bloodstained scratches that SOTN/Metroidvania itch just right. Dead By Daylight is great and terrible and ended up hogging a lot of my second half of 2019. I like the moment-to-moment mind games that go on in it.

Sairus' Most Played of 2019

This Top 5 really shows how little I played games this year! FFIX and Kirby barely deserve a slot on this list - neither are bad games exactly, but definitely not what I wanted to play in 2019.
SNES Online was the real hidden gem on my play time this year though. Demon’s Crest is an amazing game and probably one of my favorites in the last long while. Thanks to SNES Online, 2019 also marked the year I finally played the original Mario Kart! In the same vein Resident Evil 4 has been on my list for a long time (this is the third time I’ve bought it), so that was great to finally get done.
Power Rangers Battle for the Grid is a funny one - it’s both a game I really enjoyed playing, and trying to get to the top of the ranked table on, but it also was one of the games that made me suddenly decide to spend my time not endlessly grinding ranked mode when I could be doing other stuff! (Still a good game though!)

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