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Friday, December 27, 2019

The Fammies 2019 - Group F - The Wrap-up Group

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Group F - The Wrap-up Group!

A look at all the best stuff on our website and YouTube channel we made across 2019, plus stuff to look forward to next year!

Our Most Popular Content of 2019
The biggest hitters from our YouTube channel this year!

Super Mario Maker 2 Stylus Unboxing!

Personal Favorite Videos of 2019
Here's our favourite content that we made or took part in this year, irrespective of how many people watched it!


We did a music quiz during the show, so I made a YouTube version for everyone to try at home!
Super Mario Music Trivia Game! How well do you know Mario music?

This is actually a four-part series, check them all out! Had fun capturing from my phone (a first at the time).
Apple Arcade Games Coming to Switch? | Part 1

My first encounter with Valfaris!
Valfaris | Direct Feed | Tokyo Games Show 2019

This game kicked my ass during Summer of Streams!
Cybarian: The Time Traveling Warrior | Summer of Streams

Back in July 2019, the greatest game, and video series started out!
Mario Maker Minute | Ep 001 | 40 Seconds of Fear Deluxe

This game didn't win any awards, but it's still good!
Aragami: Shadow Edition | Video Review | Switch

Please watch my cool videos!

It was fun teaching James how to play video games
Morphies Law: Remorphed | Summer of Streams

Install communism, problem solved.
Irony Curtain | First 10 Minutes Direct Gameplay

In my second run of the game, I halved my time. Git gud scrubs.
Cadence of Hyrule | Pro-playthrough Part 2

I love reacting to things on the Internet
Famicast Reacts | E3 2019 Direct | Banjo & Dragon Quest in Smash!

Most Hyped For in 2020

Doom Eternal
The Outer Worlds
Breath of the Wild 2
Metroid Prime 4 (lol, right)


Breath of the Wild 2
Metroid Prime 4
Some baseball game 2021


Guilty Gear Strive
Granblue Fantasy Versus
Doom Eternal
Watch Dogs: Legion
League of Legends Fighter


Breath of the Wild 2
La Mulana 1 + 2 collection (in ENGLISH!)
Trials of Mana remake
Xenoblade Chronicles 1 HD remake
Hollow Knight Silk Song

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