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Friday, December 27, 2019

The Fammies 2019 - Group G - New Categories!

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These are categories that we kinda thought of after the Fammies show went live, but we'll be adding them to the Fammies 2020 show next year from the get go! Please understand!

HYPE GET of the Year

20 19 had so many amazing moments, most of them from various Nintendo Directs dotted through the year. Merely weeks after JC wished it would happen, we got the Mario Maker 2 announcement to wash the bad taste of New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe out of our mouths, also Reggie Fils-Aimé retired so he got two dreams come true in the same year! The Breath of the Wild 2 announcement got everyone excited (except Ty who hates Zelda), plus the impossible actually happened when Witcher 3 got announced for Switch, wait - seriously? The fact that Danny bought it later in the year and only played it for 30 minutes is completely unrelated. Don't forget that this was the year when all the Final Fantasy games got announced and then came out, all of which had never been on Nintendo systems before, and Danny actually played and completed one too! [Danny's top 5]. It was also a huge year for Nintendo X Microsoft collaborations with Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest, and of course Banjo coming to Smash! The Banjo deal alone probably took 8,000 faxes between Japan and the US to make it work, but it was definitely one of the highlights of the year. Ty's personal hype of the year wasn't Banjo, or Dragon Quest Hero coming to Smash, but Terry from SNK, coupled with a beautiful 2D animation specially made for the announcement [Ty and JC react]. The runner up and Ty's biggest hype for the year was the one that finally made him splash down the cash for a Switch, it was of course the Cadence of Hyrule reveal, the Zelda/Necrodancer mash-up literally no one saw coming. The kind of hype that makes a man immediately get up and put down $300+ can't be ignored. However the overall winner for besst HYPE GET of the year has to go to the SNES Online announcement from the September Direct [JC Reacts]. Everyone was wishing it to happen, but you can never be sure with Nintendo, but oh boy did they deliver. A whole bunch of incredible SNES games, including pretty much all our most requested games, plus Stunt Race FX especially for JC too.

Best Music Track of the Year

Another new award for this year allows us to nominate our best music tracks of the year! The nominations that didn't win (but are all great) this year were:
The runner up was the incredible Staff Roll track [link] from Link’s Awakening remake, which really shows off the beautiful celtic instrumentation of the soundtrack. The winner (from another Zelda game) was Kakariko Crypt [link] from Cadence of Hyrule, a game that has so many Zelda remixes its almost impossible to choose from but that was Ty's choice and it's amazing!

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