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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Dead by Daylight Cafe Opening August 7 in Tokyo

A special Dead by Daylight themed cafe is going to be open in Tokyo between August 7 and August 27. Officially labeled as “The Entity Cafe Dead by Daylight x Tree Village,” the cafe will be located on the fourth floor inside of Tokyo Skytree. The cafe will sell special themed food that fans of the game will be sure to recognize. The main menu consists of some “Chase Omelet Rice,” an “Escape Cake,” juice featuring Offerings and more. All of the food will be available as take-out only. You can see pictures of the menu items below. 
Additionally, a number of different goods will be on sale and special items, such as a Dead by Daylight uchiwa (hand fan) and themed badges, will be given to those that spend ¥3,000 or more. You can see images of these exclusive items below or check out more information about the event on the cafe's official website (Japanese only). For a full look at all of Dead by Daylight merch available in Japan, be sure to check out our article highlighting all that is available. 

Source: 4gamer

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