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Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Fammies 2019 - Group D - The Random Group

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Danny's Watto Pro Cricket Award

Sports games are still all the rage here at The Famicast...with me, at least! While there were definitely more games in the genre that I wanted to give a try, these were the three that I managed to sink some time into. Without a doubt, the Japanese exclusive Power Pro Baseball takes the coveted Watto Award this year. Despite its simplistic looks on the surface, the game has awesome controls, surprisingly realistic visuals (well, aside from the character models) and really holds true to the sport that I love. Everyone’s favorite Toydarian agrees. Power Pro Baseball is a title that shouldn’t be passed up.
[No.3: PBA Pro Bowling video review]
[No.2: RBI Baseball 19 video review]
[No.1: Power Pro Baseball video review]

Ty Does What Nintendon't of the Year

It’s kind of odd that the Switch doesn’t have Tekken 7, yet. Like, even the Wii U had Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with Tekken Ball and all those crazy Nintendo customization items. Maybe it’s because the Switch actually sucks? 😜I mean, if it had the hardware power, it would definitely have DMC5 and RE2 and timely, non-terrible ports of certain other games. I suppose you have to accept that if Switch is your primary platform, you’re going to get screwed on multi-platform games that aren’t already, like, 10-year-old ports. Also buy Indivisible next year when it comes to Switch.

James' Best Apple Arcade Games of the Year
(But Play Them on the Switch When Available)

Apple Arcade sounded like a terrible idea at first, all you can games? Eugh, no thanks. Then I tried the free month and realised a lot of these games are on consoles, are coming to consoles, or would just be better on consoles and therefore probably will come to consoles. Not only that you can pair your phone with a real controller (sadly everything except a Switch Pro controller) and play a lot of these games like a console anyway. I did a multi-part video series on all the best games I played on the service during my free trial, but the ones that stood out to me most were The Enchanted World [Found in Part 4], a beautiful puzzle adventure game, Inmost [Found in Part 3], a pixel-based horror adventure games where you play as an old guy with a beard, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, the sequel to a game that's already on Switch but play way better than the first, and Punch Planet, a fighting game with interesting characters and mechanics and need to leave mobile devices ASAP [The last two are found in Part 2], and finally Sayonara Wildhearts [gameplay] which is already out on Switch (and costs a lot more than free) but needs to be played by everyone because of it's insanely good soundtrack and presentation.

Apple Arcade Streams: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4],

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