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Sunday, November 26, 2023

The FamiKatsu | November 26, 2023

Are you American, or American-adjacent? Then surely you have enjoyed the familial-time, called Thanksgiving over the past few days. However, what succeeds this day of wonder? This week has seen one of the most popular internet shopping days of the year, the Black Friday Sales. As you will see later, Black Friday sales are popular with Famitsu readers!

This week on The FamiKatsu, the week of November 19th to November 25th, here are what Famitsu readers read the most, in a 10-to-1 list order! Check out last week's FamiKatsu over here!

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all Famitsu article-related pictures are property of Famitsu. Also, as this is an overview, unfortunately full translations of articles will not be provided. Furthermore, if there are any erroneous translations in this article, feel free to submit a comment outlining said error. I will be happy to find out where I fell short!

#10 - Reoccurring Pokémon Release Dates

Special / Project - Home Console Game - Nintendo 3DS

Previous generations of the Pokémon games sold in Japan actually have been released on the same date, just years apart. Pokémon Gold and Silver were released in Japan on November 21, 1999. Three years later, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire was also released on this date in 2002. A following twelve years later saw the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also being released on November 21, however in 2014 this time. Famitsu dives back into the past, with screenshots of these past releases, and the starter Pokémon as well. Check out the original article over here.

#9 - Famitsu’s Early Stage Review of Unicorn Overload

Review - Home Console Game - PS5 - PS4 - Switch - Xbox Series X

A new tactical RPG from the makers of Atlus and Vanillaware, with a release date slated for March 8 next year, Famitsu dives into the freedom offered in this new title. Famitsu goes over what is offered in the early demo version, which covers the early parts of the game. Read the review article over on Famitsu’s site here.

#8 - Amazon’s Black Friday Sales Begin!

Special / Project Article - Sales / Bargains

End of November? Check. Thanksgiving finished? Check. Well, bring on one of the year’s biggest online sales, Amazon’s Black Friday Sales! Famitsu covers the gaming-related savings in their article, such as a 3% Off Nintendo Switch bundle, that includes two of Nintendo’s latest releases: Super Mario Bros Wonder and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (both download code versions). Jump over here and check out the savings that Famitsu have found and compiled in their article.

#7 - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and ZOZOTOWN Collaboration


Anime Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and online fashion retailer ZOZOTOWN collaborates, resulting in a new collection, with the name “Zozozo-zo Zo-zozo Rockin’ Festival at BOBOTOWN” (don’t mind the liberty with the translation…) So what does this new collection mean? Well, from November 24 onwards, a slew of the Zozozo-zo-designed characters are now available for purchase, as prints on shirts, tote bags and other myriad goods. Check out the full collab in Famitsu’s article over here.

#6 - Goddess of War: NIKKE - Anniversary Event “RED ASH” Lost Relics Locations

Special / Project - PC Game - Mobile / App

Three weeks running? Famitsu readers are still digging into the new anniversary event and still are searching for those Lost Relics! What hasn’t been said over the last two weeks? Check out the Famitsu article here and collect all those new Relics!

#5 - Monster Hunter Now’s Huge Update

News - Mobile / App

Announced through Monster Hunter Now’s Twitter / X page (EN/JP), the mobile game is receiving a huge update on December 7. Titled “Fulminations in the Frost.” Famitsu quickly outlines the sparse amount of information shared through the social media post. Check out the original Famitsu article over here.

#4 - Five Years of the Highest Earning Apps

News - Mobile / App - Press Release

On November 11, App Store insight leader Sensor Tower published a report (Japanese Only) outlining the top 82 most popular App Store games worldwide, that resulted in the most accumulated IAP (In-App Purchases), grossing over USD$100,000,000 over the last five years. Pokemon GO, Fate: Grand Order and IdentityV were amongst the titles that still have a long-term grasp in Japan. Check if you can see familiar icons that may have graced your smartphone screen over the last few years and check out Famitsu’s original article here.

#3 - Upcoming Eevee Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Special / Project Article - Home Console Game - Switch

For a limited time, starting November 17, a new Tera Raid has started in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Only subtly called "Eevee Tera Raid" in the West, the Japanese name for the event spouts “The Strongest Eevee.” Check out Famitsu’s strategies for solo play or a multiplayer approaches, with their recommended Pokémon and skills, over here.

#2 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift Code

News - Home Console Game - Switch

For a limited time, which unfortunately has already passed, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players had access to a mystery code that gave them a pseudo-legendary Pokémon gift, a Dragapult. Based on one team combination of the 2024 Pokémon Latin America International Championships competitor Alex Gómez Berna on Day 1, Famitsu published the mystery code in their article (once again, unfortunately the deadline has already passed). Check out Famitsu’s original article over here.

#1 - More Amazon Black Friday Sales

Special / Project Article - Sales / Bargains

How effective are the Amazon Black Friday sales? Super Effective! These sales are so popular that two spots of the rankings this week have been seen as popular to the readers. What is different in this list? More PC Gaming related products populate this list, with Stream Decks, Laptops and Gaming chairs appearing. Check out the original Famitsu article over here.

Did you expect the sales and bargains of Black Friday just to be content with only one spot? It is also quite exciting to see Famitsu readers keeping up with the Latin America Pokémon Championships as well, especially that they include free pseudo-legendary Pokémon.

Hopefully you enjoyed the top articles over the last week from Famitsu, and FamiKatsu shall be back again next week.

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