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Sunday, November 12, 2023

The FamiKATSU | November 12, 2023

 Welcome back to the FamiKatsu. Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s dive into the Top 10 articles that stood out the most from Famitsu.

This week on The FamiKATSU, the week of November 5th to November 11th, here are what Famitsu readers read the most!

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all Famitsu article-related pictures are property of Famitsu. Also, as this is an overview, unfortunately full translations of articles will not be provided. Furthermore, if there are any erroneous translations in this article, feel free to submit a comment outlining said error. I will be happy to find out where I fell short!

#1: An article that was sitting at 4th place last week on popularity has risen to the top this week (Here is a link to last week’s FamiKatsu). The Hisuian Typhlosion raid article that Famitsu made, detailing ideal pokemon combinations for both solo and multiplayer players, is apparently still relevant for the Japanese gaming community this week as well! Check out the original Famitsu article over here.

#2: With a manga series serializing from 2009 until 2021, Attack on Titan has also finally (finally, finally?) ended, with its final (final?) episode planned to air on November 4th. Did the excessive amounts of final seem a bit much? Not according to the nomenclature of the last few seasons of the show! How will this be celebrated? Well, NHK’s 100 KAME (a show that utilizes 100 simultaneous cameras to film) had a 24 hour broadcast with the voice actors and actresses of the show in lead-up to the 85-minute finale reflecting on the 10-year tenure on the show and reflections. Link to the original Famitsu article can be found here.

#3: With Goddess of Victory: NIKKE’s first year anniversary event “RED ASH” currently underway, as of November 2nd, Famitsu made a list of the Lost Relics locations. An easy-to-understand article, check it out on Famitsu over here.

#4: Do you like small Nintendo collectibles? A certain Famicast host Danny Bivens does! Does it come in the form of a crane game prize? Then adjacent host Ty Shughart also becomes interested! Whichever way you look at it, Nintendo’s Pikmin Terrarium Collection models of six are a joy to look at! They're on retail from November 6 in Japan.  You can check out the original Famitsu article over here.

#5: Famitsu has created a list,outlining the differences between Sony’s original Playstation 5 and the newly released Slim model, comparing differences such as pricing, dimensions and weight. Ever wondered how different the size of the original PS5 box and the PS5 Slim box are? Well, Famitsu even compared this point! I would highly recommend checking out this article, even if you cannot understand Japanese, as the comparison pictures are definitely interesting! Check out the Famitsu article over here.

#6: Square Enix’s Financial Earnings of the second quarter this fiscal year slides into the 6th most-read article this week on Famitsu’s site. Square Enix saw a boost to their Digital Entertainment business due to the launch of Final Fantasy XVI and the Pixel Remasters. A link to the original Famitsu article can be found here.

#7: An anime based on the Windows 95 and NEC’s PC-9800 series personal computers, which pushed NEC’s dominance in the PC market between 1988 till 2000. Titled “ 16-bit Sensation ANOTHER LAYER,” the anime peers into the era of gaming culture on the PC-9801 platform before Windows 95 was released. Read the full article on Famitsu here.

#8: Are you into Genshin Impact? Well the readers over on Famitsu are, especially with the Version 4.2 Update. Famitsu compiled an article covering new gacha rewards, ascension materials, maintenance times and also new events. The full Famitsu article can be found here. (If there are miswordings with ascension materials, I am sorry. I am not someone who plays Genshin!)

#9: Due to certain circumstances (most likely with the new API payment guidelines) formerly-Twitter, now rebranded-X, Sony has finally said farewell to the integration of both the Screenshot and Video upload functionality on the Playstation platform as of November 13. If you would like to read the original, a link to the original Famitsu article is here.

#10: The final article of the top 10 most read articles of Famitsu is…Hokkaido Game? A devious little game, following (and blatantly copying) the approach of Suika Game / Watermelon Game (covered in last week’s FamiKatsu here) sees players in the same setting. However, this time they are combining the different prefectures of Japan! Absurdity ensues, as the regions themselves boast unique shapes, beyond what the fruits found in Suika Game can. Named the Hokkaido Game as Hokkaido Prefecture is the largest in the country, the game is currently at a bargain ¥230 (USD$1.52 as-of writing) on Steam, so check it out! Link to the original Famitsu article can be found here.

So, these are the top 10 articles that Famitsu readers engaged with the most over the last week. Definitely check out their weekly rankings to see which articles just missed out on being covered in the FamiKatsu! Until next week, enjoy.

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