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Sunday, November 19, 2023

The FamiKatsu | November 19, 2023

Another week and another FamiKatsu to enjoy!

Is this your first time enjoying the FamiKatsu? Check over here for our first weekly coverage, and over here for week two’s coverage. A short mention to Russ Greeno, a long mainstay reader and podcast-listener of The Famicast, who suggested a reverse-list to the FamiKatsu list.

This week on The FamiKatsu, the week of November 12th to November 18th, here are what Famitsu readers read the most, in a 10-to-1 list order!

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all Famitsu article-related pictures are property of Famitsu. Also, as this is an overview, unfortunately full translations of articles will not be provided. Furthermore, if there are any erroneous translations in this article, feel free to submit a comment outlining said error. I will be happy to find out where I fell short!

#10 - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth - Zack’s Character Profile Announcement

News - Home Console - PS5

The fate on whether Zack will appear or not in Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth remake has finally been revealed over on Twitter / X, giving eager fans rejoice on Cloud’s best friend in Soldier. A short bit of information from Famitsu, going over the details of the tweet / X…xeet? (what came to mind…), read the original article on Famitsu over here.

#09 - Sony PS5 Launch and Slim Comparison

Special / Project

For a second week in a row, the comparison list and pictures of the launch edition of the PlayStation 5 and the newly-refreshed and updated ‘Slim’ model have been quite detailed on Famitsu. How detailed? Physical side-by-side pictures of dimensions and weights, at the least! If you didn’t check the article out last week, I would definitely suggest checking it out this week! Check out the original Famitsu article over here.

#08 - The PlayStation Portal

Review - Home Console - PS5

Famitsu introduces their review of the newly-released PlayStation Portal tethered remote play device recently released both in Japan, and worldwide. Through the review, Famitsu go over the display details (1080p FullHD, 60fps, 8-inch), the DualSense controllers attached at the sides, battery life (around 4hrs) as well as pictures of the physical dimensions of the box, and the unit compared to the regular DualSense PS5 controllers. Check out the full review over on Famitsu over here.

#07 - Star Ocean Second Story

Special / Project - Home Console - PS5 - PS4 - Switch - PC Game

Eternal Sphere. Know it? If not, this article on Famitsu can tell you how to craft this item of legend. Famitsu entices readers with the phrasing “ can also make this early-game in the remake.” The article goes into how to create the Eternal Sphere, as well as other early game strategies to get your foot off the ground, in this remake of a classic. Check out the Famitsu article over here.

#06 - Update on the Latest Initial D Goods


Back in the first edition of the FamiKatsu, trending at 5th place was a bunch of limited edition Initial D merchandise in Japan. Don’t know Initial D? Well, it is a deeply cultural car manga, involving the drifting culture on the various mountain passes in Japan (mainly centered in the Kanto-area, the area around Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures.) Anyway, putting the history lesson aside, this update to the Initial D merchandise now includes items such as floor mats and cushions, with the iconic “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” and “Akagi Red Suns” logos, as well as other new merchandise. Checkout the original Famitsu article over here.

#05 - Goddess of Victory - NIKKE “RED ASH” Lost Relics Locations

Special - Project - PC Game - Mobile / App

An article that we covered on last week’s FamiKatsu, the Lost Relics locations fell two spots this week, tumbling from 3rd place down to 5th place. However, this shows how much readers of Famitsu are deeply engrossed in this game, even after a week of the anniversary update’s release! Check out the Famitsu article over here.

#04 - The Updated OLED Steam Deck

Special / Project

As-of November 9th, Steam will have released their long-awaited update to their Steam Deck console. What updates does this new version bring? Well, Famitsu has a comprehensive list on their site. The updated model includes a new OLED display, as well as slight tweaks to the dimensions of the unit itself, as well as storage limit updates. Famitsu shows picture comparisons on their article, which you can find out over here.

#03 - Tiffany Jewelry and… Pokemon Collab?

Entertainment - Press Release

Do you like jewelry? How about Pokémon? Well, you are now in luck! A collaboration with American artist Daniel Arsham, and his Arsham Studio, have resulted in a partnership with Pokémon to provide a few pendant offerings through the Tiffany and Co. boutique. Pop over here for a view of what is on offer, on Famitsu’s original article.

#02 - YuYu Hakusho Netflix Live Action?

Entertainment - Press Release

What has made the Famitsu readers eager enough to land it in second place in the rankings over the last week? Well, it was the teaser for the live adaptation of world-renowned anime classic YuYu Hakusho’s teaser trailer announced the slated release is to be released on December 14. Famitsu breaks down the cast appearing in the series and a brief history of the manga and anime. Check out the original article on Famitsu over here.

#01 - Kohaku Gassen


What is Kohaku Gassen you ask? This is the New Years TV Show, shown on TVs across the majority of households in Japan on December 31st. Kohaku is a yearly staple for every Japanese household, where over six hours of music guests perform live music for entertainment, while families enjoy their dinners and gatherings over the New Years. 74 years running, Famitsu delivered an article, outlining confirmed performing artists. Such artists include Ado, Kitani Tatsuya, 10-FEET, as well as a slew of artists who provided the best Anime Openings/Endings. The full list, all in Japanese, is provided over on Famitsu’s original article here. Enjoy!

This week in the FamiKatsu has seen a slow evolution in the formatting and a shift into a properly-featured article. Thanks once again to Russ Greeno for his suggestion, and how do you like the new formatting of the articles?

I shall retroactively update the previous articles to reflect similarly to this week’s article formatting, so give it some time!

Either way, hopefully you enjoyed the quick dive into the top 10 articles rankings over the last week on Famitsu, here on the Famicast’s FamiKatsu! Look forward to next week!

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