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Monday, March 18, 2024

The FamiKatsu | March 17, 2024

Japan is finally warming up, and the cherry blossoms are about to be in full bloom over the next week or two. Let’s see how Famitsu readers have been reacting to the changing weather.

This week on The FamiKatsu, the week of March 11 to March 17, here are what Famitsu readers read the most!

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all Famitsu article-related pictures are property of Famitsu. Also, as this is an overview, unfortunately full translations of articles will not be provided. Furthermore, if there are any erroneous translations in this article, feel free to submit a comment outlining said error. I will be happy to find out where I fell short!

#10 - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Collaboration with Avail


The power of collaborations holds strong, as JoJo’s collaboration goods make another appearance this week in the rankings. The real reason? Well, from March 16 the goods officially went on sale in both their retail stores and their online store. Readers were eager to see what merch they really want to pick up before heading over to purchase, most likely!

#9 - Hyper Game Championship Round 2 Lineup Decision


Broadcasted on during the Hyper Draft Conference, the game lineup over the two days of March 16 and 17 for the Hyper Game Championship Round 2 were chosen live. Day 1 will see EA SPORTS FC 24, Assetto Corsa and PUBG Battlegrounds, while Day 2 will host Apex Legends and Street Fighter 6. 4 teams of e-sport players will battle it out over the two days. Check out the Famitsu article for the full team listing.

#8 - Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Anime Announcement

News - Home Console Game - PS4 - Switch - PC Game - Steam

Sakuna’s anime announcement makes another appearance this week, following the first announcement last week. What more is there to say? (Hint: #6 on this week’s ranking!) The anime trailer is available to view over on the Famitsu link above.

#7 - Grandia HD Collection PS4 and Xbox One Release

News - Home Console Game - PS5 - PS4 - Xbox One - Xbox Series X

The Grandia HD Collection will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms later this month, on March 26, thanks to GungHoOnline Entertainment America. The HD Collection has already been released on Steam and Switch back in 2019, separately. This collection includes both games in the single bundle, and these versions will be compatible for play on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

#6 - More Sakuna Anime Information

Anime - Press Release

Back on March 9 revealed, western-style action RPG Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin was announced to have an upcoming anime adaptation coming later this year. It was also announced that it will air on TV Tokyo’s commercial television network, TX Network. The animation studio behind SHIROBAKO, Hanasaku Iroha and Skip and Loafer, P.A. WORKS will be animating the anime adaptation. The game Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin was released back in November 2020 on various platforms. Check out the link for the teaser trailer for the anime.

#5 - Monster Hunter Now Charge Blade Guide

Special / Project Article

With the huge update that recently dropped, the Charge Blade is a new ability that some users are clueless towards. Famitsu realized this point and made an entire article dedicated towards this new aspect of the update. Alongside a simple breakdown of the ability, Famitsu also details ideal combinations, as well as recommended skills & equipment builds as well.

#4 - Dragonball DAIMA Release Window Decision


With the recent passing of original creator Akira Toriyama, Dragonball DAIMA has announced a window of release for the upcoming anime title. Slated for Autumn/Fall this year, the anime will be airing in Japan on the Fuji TV network. The last Dragonball anime title was Dragonball SUPER, which finished airing back in 2018.

#3 - Shimamura and Haikyu! Collaboration Goods Return for Limited Time


The Shimamura and Haikyu! collaboration started back on February 21, and presumably sold out since. Due to the popularity of the collaboration, Shimamura are bringing back the sale of all items for a limited time through their online store only. Starting March 13 at 3pm until March 24 at 11pm, fans are given their second chance if they missed out on any select items.

#2 - Monster Hunter Top Monster Poll Results


While on the 20th Anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise, the developer ran a Hunters’ Choice Monster Poll of the top monsters throughout the tenure of the franchise. With a massive 228 complete monster list, the top 3 monsters are Zinogre, Nergigante and Lagiacrus. Check out the full Japanese list on Famitsu, or the English results on the official website.

#1 - Kotetsushin Jeeg First Terrestrial Broadcast

Anime - Press Release

[Famitsu Article]
Based on the 1975 anime series Steel Jeeg, Kotetsushin Jeeg was a sequel that was aired on the subscription network WOWOW back on April 5, 2007. With a basic premise of Good vs Evil, the show was catered towards a more mature adult audience. The broadcast is set to air on TV Tokyo on April 7 from 1:30am, almost exactly 17 years later.

A good mix of news hit the rankings this week, with a nice balance between anime, gaming and goods! Although sadly, no new collaborations this week, there was a return of two from last week.

Come back next week to see what Famitsu readers read over the coming week, and hopefully some new, highly-ranked collaborations!

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