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Sunday, November 5, 2023

The FamiKATSU | November 5, 2023

 Welcome to the first iteration of ‘The FamiKATSU,’ with the name heavily subject to change.
What is The FamiKATSU? This column is aimed at informing the reader of the weekly Top 10 articles in a quick and easily-digestible form (do I have to say it is a play on katsudon?), that the Japanese populace read over on the Famitsu website that has been the number one news source and acknowledgement of the gaming community in Japan.

As a new reporter, I am aware of the shortcomings of my article-writing skills, but I hope to learn through and build on this experience. Anyway, enjoy (and hang on to!) the ride, that shall be The FamiKATSU. So without further ado.

This week on The FamiKATSU, the week of October 29th to November 4th, here are what Famitsu readers read the most!

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all Famitsu article-related pictures are property of Famitsu. Also, as this is an overview, unfortunately full translations of articles will not be provided.


#1: Japan is a seasonal-obsessed country, which also dilutes down into the products sold in retails stores nationwide. The top of the list on Famitsu this week is populated with Starbucks Japan’s latest seasonal flavor, Strawberry Merry Christmas, which was released on November 1st. The description reads as “…a bittersweet strawberry, with a mellow yet full-bodied ‘Merry Cream’ flavor,” whatever that means! As with all seasonal frappuccinos at Starbucks Japan, this is sure to be a hot seller during its limited run. Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

#2: The next top article that made its rounds on Famitsu over the last week was on the new booster sets of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, “Ancient Roar” and “Future Flash.” This article focused on displaying the card art of the Special Art Rare (SAR), Art Rare (AR), and Special Rare (SR) card arts of the booster series. Included in the article are the Illustrator’s name, plus comments about the card art itself. Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

#3: A crowd favorite in Japan, the new season of Apex Legends is on the horizon, and Japanese players are excited! A link here for the IGN patch breakdown, but for Japanese audiences, Famitsu put forth their own entry into the patch breakdown, detailing the new hero ‘Conduit’ and her new abilities, plus everything else upcoming in the patch ahead in Season 19. Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

#4: As of November 3, 2023, at 9:00 AM JST (Japan Standard Time), the Hisuian Typhlosion Pokémon raid has begun in Japan. Thus, Famitsu put together an article on how to approach this either in Single Player or Multiplayer modes. A further breakdown of how you should approach the fight is also detailed in their article. Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

#5: Starting from October 28 in Japan, popular drifting manga, anime and video game series Initial D has a limited run of new merchandise through Japanese retailer Shimamura. Both available online and in-stores, the range of goods available include items such as eco-friendly bags, transit card holders, clothing, towels and other accessories. Take a look at the pictures below and you will find that the items are adorned with not only characters and cars of the famous series, but also manga covers and panels.. Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

What is Halloween without a special event from one of JC’s favorite gaming franchises of all time, Splatoon?! Splatoon 3 had a rather spooky event, aptly dubbed Splatoween, which offered limited gear and name plates for your characters to enjoy. Hopefully you enjoyed Splatoween before the end of the event! Link to the original Famitsu article is here and a Famicast article about it here.

#7: Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a sci-fi free-to-play shooter that finally reached its first anniversary, thanks to its popularity and art style that lead to millions of both fans and downloads. With the advent of the anniversary, a new story event and characters have been announced for the anniversary. Famitsu goes over the details of what was announced. An English version of the event details can be found over on IGN here. Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

#8: Somewhat recently popularized, and quite a hit on the Nintendo Switch as well, is Suika Game / Watermelon Game. The recent passing of Halloween has brought about an update to the game with new music, backgrounds and even the fruit has seen a change! Spooky! Link to the original Famitsu article is here and a Famicast article detailing the changes (in English) here.

#9: Next article that is on the list is actually a Pokémon Compatibility Type Chart, which displays what attack type you should choose against a target Pokémon . Although known for years, it just shows you that charts like these are still fairly relevant, especially with the constant popularity of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Shown below are both the original table from Famitsu, as well as a provided translated version as well. If there are any missing marks on the English version, I do apologize and shall update if required! Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

#10: Last on the list this week is a Jujitsu Kaisen anime collaboration with one of the big sushi franchise chains in Japan, Kura Sushi. Starting from September 29, the collaboration offers a range of goods throughout the campaign. There is a limited stock of clear files (below image from Kura Sushi) costing a steep ¥2,500 (approx. USD$17) each, and other goods including rubber mascot characters (pictured below) and metal round badges among others. Link to the original Famitsu article is here.

So, those were the top 10 most read articles on Famitsu over the past week. As you can see, Famitsu not only covers topics related to gaming, but also topics spanning the sphere of the cultures closely related. Hopefully you enjoyed reading what was hot in Japan over the last week, and stay tuned to find out more in the upcoming weeks.

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