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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Japan Only Watermelon Game Hits 1 million Downloads on Switch

Fueled by popular Japanese streamers and celebrities, puzzle game Suika Game (Watermelon Game), has achieved new heights. The game has sold one million copies on the Nintendo Switch eShop. For those in the West, Watermelon Game is largely unknown and for good reason. The game originally released on the Switch eShop on December 9, 2021 and didn’t see much fanfare until about a month ago. The game was picked up by popular streamers and celebrities in Japan which in turn led people to buying the game in droves. Watermelon Game currently sits as the number one downloaded game on the Switch eShop. 

The game itself is a simple puzzle game that has players matching fruit. Once two fruit are matched, they then transforms into something larger. For example, two strawberries become grapes. Two clusters of grapes transform into an orange and so on. This goes all the way up to watermelon. The goal here is to transform as many fruit as possible before the fruit reach the top of a container.
Aladdin X is not a company known for games but rather is best known for a popular line of projectors which are sold domestically. The game was developed by a branch of Aladdin called popIn and was originally released as part of Aladdin’s 3-in-1 projectors in April 2021. Currently, Watermelon Game is available on the Japanese Switch eShop for ¥240 but does not offer English support. 

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