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Sunday, October 8, 2023

More Mario Wonder Merch Coming to 7-Eleven Japan

Even more Super Mario Bros. Wonder goods are coming to 7-Eleven locations across Japan starting on Thursday, October 12. Below you can see what is coming and how to get these items. 

Bottle Toppers
Starting on Friday, October 13 and running until Thursday, October 26 (or while supplies last), special Mario and Luigi hat bottle toppers will be available on participating drinks. The purchase of one of the participating 900 ml drinks (Pocari Sweat or Pocari Sweat Ion Water) will net customers a bottle cap. There will be 16 of each design at each store location for a total of 32 bottle caps. 
Super Mario Wonder Folders
Also hitting shops on October 13 - 26, Super Mario Bros. Wonder folders will be available with the purchase of two participating ice cream items (Vanilla Coolish, Vanilla Super Cup, Dandy Chocolate or Black Thunder Ice (Cream)). There are four A4 size folders and each shop will receive four of each design. 
Starting a day earlier than the previously listed campaigns, these Mario Wonder themed stickers can be had with the purchase of two onigiri (rice balls). There are a total of four designs and ten of each will be available at each location (a total of 40). 
Collaboration Food & Snacks
Nintendo has teamed up with a number of food and snack makers to offer some delicious looking treats. You can check them all out below. These will hit most 7-Eleven locations across the country on Thursday, October 13. 

Fire Mario Spicy Tomato Noodles| ¥246 
With one of twelve character stickers
Yoshi’s Green Vegetable Noodles | ¥203
With one of twelve character stickers
Yoshi Egg Can Crunchy Chocolate | ¥950
Available in two colors (green or pink), with two flavors: melon (green, 3x), strawberry (pink, 2x)
Princess Peach Strawberry Shortcake Biscuit Sandwich | ¥159
Super Spicy! Bowser Hot Chili “Shells” | ¥194
Boo’s Chilly Ramune Soda Candy | ¥159
Hi-Chew Premium Super Mario Red Apple | ¥173
Lottery Merch
Starting on Thursday, October 12 and running until Wednesday, October 25, customers that spend ¥700 or more will be able to enter in a special lottery for Mario Wonder merch. The 7-Eleven Japan app is required to participate. Entry must be completed by October 31. Winners will be notified on Wednesday, November 1. 500 lucky fans will be able to get the Super Mario Bros. Wonder steel water bottle, while 250 people will receive a question block designed stool. You can see pictures of both items below. 
In late September, Nintendo and 7-Eleven revealed a special Super Mario Bros. Wonder Ichiban Kuji lottery and other merch coming to the convenience store chain starting this week. You can read more about that here.

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