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Sunday, February 18, 2024

The FamiKatsu | February 18, 2024

How was your Valentine’s Day? Enjoyable with a partner? If not, the FamiKatsu can fill the void as your Valentine this year!

This week on The FamiKatsu, the week of February 11 to February 17, here are what Famitsu readers read the most!

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all Famitsu article-related pictures are property of Famitsu. Also, as this is an overview, unfortunately full translations of articles will not be provided. Furthermore, if there are any erroneous translations in this article, feel free to submit a comment outlining said error. I will be happy to find out where I fell short!

#10 - New Figure Announcement Compilation from Winter Wonder Festival 2024


Held at Makuhari Messe on February 11, Wonder Festival showcased a slew of new figurines from a range of different franchises. Upcoming figures are from titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Elden Ring, Xenoblade, Demon's Soul, and even the Fate franchise. Check out the article for pictures of the figures that were on show.

#9 - Splatoon 3’s Spring 2024 Fresh Season Information Roundup

Special / Project Article

Launching March 1 next month, the new Splatoon 3 season, aptly named “2024 Spring Fresh Season” will begin. Famitsu covers the new stages making an appearance (Marlin Airport and Bonerattle Arena for Salmon Run), as well as a new Splatfest feature called fizzbangs.

#8 - NitroPlus New Game “Dolls Nest” 2024 Planned Release

News - PC Game - Steam - Press Release

NitroPlus’s Steam Page for their next title, Dolls Nest, has been updated with a planned release date expected to be in this year. So what is Dolls Nest? Well, it is a new 3D action game where you can customize a mecha-girl in a dilapidated world. Check out Famitsu’s article or the Steam Store page for more pictures and information.

#7 - Ichiban Kuji Splatoon 3 Offerings


Next on the offerings table at Ichiban Kuji is some Splatoon! Offering? Let’s just call it a collab! For only ¥700 (approx $4.66 USD) a pull at the lottery, you have the chance to win some Splatoon prizes. From the top prize of a Judd and Lil’ Judd alarm clock all the way down to rubber charms and a limited Inkling plush, check out the Famitsu article or our article for the full rundown of all prizes on offer. 

#6 - The Aquarium Does Not Dance Comes to Steam on February 15


A mix of horror, puzzle, 2D adventure inside an aquarium and debuting at RPG Maker Festival 2024, The Aquarium Does Not Dance was released for free on Steam on February 15 this month. An indie game that focuses on the horrors of the deep sea, check it out on Steam, although only available in Japanese.

#5 - Apex Legends Season 20 Information Overview

Coverage / Report - Home Console Game - PS5 - PS4 - Switch - Xbox One - PC Game - Steam - Xbox Series X

Making its second appearance in a row, all the details of what Season 20 of Apex Legends will bring is still seeing readers anticipating the huge changes coming with the update.

#4 - Splatoon 3 Side Order Replica Gear

News - Home Console Game - Switch

Included in an upcoming paid DLC’s expansion pass for Splatoon 3, the Side Order update will include a bunch of white replicas of gear and weapons. Not too much information provided in this article from Famitsu, but check out both Japanese and English trailers at our Famicast post above.

#3 - The New Weapons in the New Splatoon 3 Season

News - Home Console Game - Switch

Showcased in this article are the two new main weapons that will be landing with the new season of Splatoon 3, 2024 Spring Fresh Season. The Recycled Brella 24 Mk I is a new brella-class weapon, and the Douser Dualies FF is a new dualie-class weapon. Alongside the two new weapons, a slew of other weapons have variants being introduced. Check the article for a full list.

#2 - Street Fighter 6 Crazy Raccoon Cup 3 Lineup and Broadcast Information

News - Home Console Game - PS5 - PS4 - PC Game - Xbox Series X

On February 11, pro gaming team Crazy Raccoon hosted their Crazy Raccoon Cup Street Fighter 6 tournament. The event was broadcasted from 4:00 p.m. on DMM TV. The cup featured the players shown above in their separate teams, and the article went on to also give information about the Crazy Raccoon Cup.

#1 - Suikoden Creator Yoshitaka Murayama Passes Away


Suikoden creator, and representative of Rabbit&Bear studios Yoshitaka Murayama recently passed away as announced on the studio’s official website. The studio is also currently developing it’s latest title “Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes” which has a planned release date on April 23 later this year. The game has no plans to delay its release despite of the passing of Mr. Murayama.

This week saw a total of one new collab! I am quite happy that Japan will always find a way to make a new collaboration out of anything whenever possible.

Come back next week to see if there are any new collaborations that hit the top 10 in Famitsu’s weekly rankings.

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