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Friday, February 2, 2024

7-Eleven Splatoon 3 Sweets Fest Campaign Starts Japan Feb. 9

Nintendo is once again teaming up with convenience store chain 7-Eleven in Japan to offer a variety of merch, an Ichiban Kuji Lottery and more. You can find details of the various campaigns below. 

Receipt Lottery Campaign
Kicking off on Friday, February 9 at midnight and running until Friday, February 16 (11:59 p.m.), a special campaign featuring 7-Eleven sweets could net fans some free Splatoon 3 merch. Participating is easy. A special serial number will be generated with the purchase of two eligible items from the “Seven Sweets” selection of snacks.. This 16-digit number can be entered into a special website (which can be accessed via QR code or the URL listed on the receipt) which will serve as registration to win one of the following three items: 
  • Splatoon 3 Original Sweets Fest T-shirt | 100 winners
  • Smallfry Plush Keychain (roughly 12 cm tall) | 1,000 winners
  • ¥1,000 7&i Holdings Gift Card | 100 winners
*Seven Premium Sweets are not eligible. 

You can find some images of the prizes as well as the general flow of the registration below. 
How to enter the lottery
Sweets Campaign
Immediately following the Receipt Lottery Campaign, another campaign will kick off on Saturday, February 17 at 7:00 a.m. This simply requires fans to purchase two items from the Seven Sweets section the store to receive one of three keychains based on the Splatfest. Four of each keychain will be available at 7-Eleven locations across the country. The campaign will run until Friday, March 1 or while supplies last. 
Ichiban Kuji Lottery
The second Splatoon 3 Ichiban Kuji Lottery (you can read more about the first one from 2022 here) will kick off on Friday, February 9. There are eight grades of prizes (A - G) and a special “Last Draw” prize of the lucky person who pulls the last ticket from the lottery box. Additionally, a “Double Chance Campaign” via the Ichiban Kuji website after the drawings are finished. One pull costs ¥700 (roughly $4.78 USD) and raffles will be held at 7-Eleven convenience stores, Ito Yakado and Nintendo TOKYO/OSAKA/KYOTO. You can see all of the prizes below. 
*The first four prizes (A - D) are limited to one prize per location. 
Grade A - Movement & Sound Judd and Li’l Judd Alarm Clock (15 cm)
Grade B - Mr. Grizz Piggy Bank (15 cm)
Grade C - Big Man Blanket (120 cm)
Grade D - Conch Shell Silicon Case (14 cm)
Grade E - Custom Nameplate / Sticker Set (4 types, 8 cm)
Grade F - Squid / Octopus Lanyards (4 types, 27 - 50 cm)
Grade G - Bath “Ink” & Sponge Set (4 types, 20g each, 10 cm sponge)
Grade H - Rubber Charm Collection (8 types, 4.5 - 8 cm)
Last Draw - Kraken Plushie (65 cm)*
*The Kraken plushie will be awarded as a “special prize” at Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo OSAKA and Nintendo KYOTO locations.

Double Chance Campaign Prize - Movement & Sound Judd and Li’l Judd Alarm Clock ( Tri-color variant)
GPS Check-in
My Nintendo account holders in Japan will be able to receive four smartphone wallpapers if they make use of the GPS check-in in the My Nintendo App. The wallpapers will be available from Friday, February 9 until Thursday, February 22 for absolutely free. 

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