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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Mario Movie Ichiban Kuji Lottery Happening Now in Japan

Another week, another prize lottery for Nintendo fans in Japan. From Saturday, May 13, an Ichiban Kuji, or lottery, is being held at Lawson convenience stores, Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo OSAKA, Ichiban Kuji online and at various bookstores across the country. There are a total of five tiers and 20 prizes on offer as well as two additional prizes. You can see what’s on offer below. 

Grade A - Question Block Cushion (1 per store, 25 cm)
Grade B - Super Mushroom Cushion (1 per store, 30 cm)
Grade C - Mario Themed Tumbler (6 kinds, 11 cm)
Grade D - Item Design Towels (6 kinds, 20-25 cm)
Grade E - Melamine Small Plates (6 kinds, 10 cm)
Last Draw - Super Star Invincible Cushion (1 per store, 40 cm)
Double Chance Campaign - Warp Pipe Pillow (50 cm)
*The Double Chance Campaign Lottery can be entered by using the tickets that were drawn during the regular lottery. You can try as many times as you like based on the amount of times you drew. 

This is the second Nintendo based lottery in less than a week. Last week, Nintendo teamed up with Lawson to offer various Tears of the Kingdom merchandise. 

Source: NCL, Ichiban Kuji

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