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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Tears of the Kingdom Food, Merch Coming to Lawson in Japan This May

Lawson convenience store locations across Japan will be getting some legendary items this May. First off, a special The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom themed Karaage-Kun Poka Poka Kusa no Mi fried chicken pack will be available starting on Tuesday, May 9. Poka Poka Kusa no Mi are the Spicy Pepper items can be found in Breath of the Wild. According to Lawson, the chicken contains just a hint of spice that will be fine for those that aren't fans of spicy food. The package features Link from Tears of the Kingdom and Lawson’s iconic karaage-kun mascot character. It will cost ¥248 and contain five pieces of chicken. You can see the package below. 
A special Ichiban Kuji, or lottery, will also be held at Lawson stores across the country. Set to start on Tuesday, May 9, several items produced by Bandai Spirits will be available. Interested fans will need to pay ¥750 for one pull at a random prize. A total of eight grades will be on available with 29 prizes on offer. You can see all of the items below.

Grade A - Master Sword (32 cm)
Grade B - Canvas Poster (27 cm)
Grade C - Toga Blanket (120 cm)
Grade D - Full Color Mug (4 types, 9 cm)
Grade E - Stationery Collection (6 types)
Grade F - Ceramic Plate (5 types, 10 - 12 cm) 
Grade G - Metal Charm Collection (5 types, 4.5 - 7 cm)
Grade H - Korok Rubber Charms (6 types, 4.5 cm)
Last Draw - Design Clock (19.5 cm)
Nintendo occasionally has collaborations with convenience stores across Japan to promote upcoming game releases. One of the more notable collaborations from 2022 featured Splatoon 3 at 7-Eleven in Japan. 

Source: NCL, Lawson

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