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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Physical Splatoon x Zelda Merch Available in Japan

Nintendo is giving Splat fans another chance to grab some physical merch found in the game. T-shirts based on the designs found for the upcoming Splatoon x Zelda Splatfest are available for pre-order now on My Nintendo Japan, Nintendo TOKYO and Nintendo OSAKA. The shirts cost ¥3,850 each and are expected to be delivered by May 5 (excluding remote islands). Each shirt is limited to two per person/account. You can see all of the designs below. 
Additionally, three keychains based on the designs are also available. These are currently up for pre-order for 50 Platinum Points each. Like the shirts, these will be delivered by May 5. While these are essentially free, fans will have to pay the ¥550 shipping charge for the items. Up to three Platinum Point items can be included with the ¥550 shipping charger. For more on the keychains, be sure to check the images below.
This isn’t the first time that physical goods from the Fes have been available. Nintendo did a similar promotion with their Spaltoon x Pok√©mon Splatfest in November 2022 with T-shirts and keychains via My Nintendo

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