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Friday, March 24, 2023

Splatoon 3 Apparel Hits Uniqlo March 24 in Japan

A variety of Splatoon 3 apparel are hitting Uniqlo store shelves across Japan today, March 24. There are five shirt designs for adults, six for kids, and three different kinds of kids shorts. T-shirts for adults are ¥1,500 each while the shirts and shorts for kids run ¥990 each. You can see entire lineup at the bottom of this page. 
Those that purchase two or more items from this Splatoon collection will receive a special tin case (including some extra stickers inside) designed after the lockers found in Splatoon 3. This also extends to online purchases, however quantities are limited. For physical locations, items are available on a first-come first-served basis. Online shoppers will be entered into a lottery to determine winners of case. These lotteries will be held daily while supplies last. Additionally, three Splatoon 3 wallpapers for smartphones and tablets will be available, though details on how to get these are unavailable. You can see images of the tin, stickers and clothing below. 

Adult Sized T-shirts (¥1,500 each)
Kids Sized T-Shirts (¥990)
Kids Shorts (¥990)
Tin & Stickers (included with purchase of two items)
Promo Photos

Source: NCL, Uniqlo Japan

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