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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Pikmin Fruit Snacks Coming this September in Japan

Pikmin themed fruit flavored gummy snacks will go on sale nationwide this September in Japan thanks to the arm of Bandai’s snack division, Bandai Candy. The snacks will cost ¥108 (around $1 USD) and contain four Pikmin snacks. In an effort to be as “realistic” as possible, the gummy snacks are the same size as “real” Pikmin, or about 3 cm tall. 
There are four different flavors on offer here, each offering two different flavors per Pikmin. The three main Pikmin (blue, yellow and red) have green tops that have a muscat grape flavor. The base of the blue Pikmin is grape, yellow is orange and red is apple. There is also a special “rare” white Pikmin that has a pink strawberry flavored top and a sour lemon base. You can see pictures of all of the snacks and their packaging below. 
Bandai Candy releases various anime and game themed snacks here in Japan. Some of the more famous collaborations include Dragon Ball, Gundam and Demon Slayer.

Source: Game Watch

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