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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Buddy Mission: BOND Drama CDs Set to Release in Japan

Three audio drama CDs set after the main story of Buddy Mission: BOND are set to release in Japan later this year. The CDs serve as “extra episodes” for the Nintendo and Koei Tecmo collaboration effort on the Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders and purchases are open from July 9 until November 24. 

The first CD is set to release on September 29, the second on November 24, and a special Christmas themed version for the third CD on December 22. Each set will contain two CDs and the will come in two variations - a standard version and a special high end version. The high end versions of the first two CDs will come with Scenario Books (scripts for the CDs). The high end version of third CD will come with a download card for access to a streaming version of a Buddy Mission: BOND birthday message originally uploaded to Twitter as well as a scene from the third CD visualized with the game engine. Standard versions retail for ¥3,850 (roughly $35 USD) and the high end versions will sell for ¥4,950 ($45). 

Despite flopping pretty hard in Japan, several promotional items, digital comics and more have been released since Buddy Mission: BOND came out in January. For more on the game, be sure to check out our review here (the video version is below) or our Buddy Mission: BOND Hub Page

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