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Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Fammies 2019 - Group C - The Shudda, Cudda, Wudda Group

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Need to Play More Next Year....of the Year

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate of course won this award last year, and we kept that promise by playing the crap out of it in 2019! Ty put his name down for a couple of fighting games he wants to git gud at next year, namely Mortal Kombat 11 and BlazBlue Cross Tag were games he felt he didn't put enough lab time into this year. Single player games seemed to be the winner this year, some people wanted to 100% Luigi's Mansion 3, or do another playthrough of Fire Emblem Three Houses or Cadence of Hyrule - good luck to them all we say! The clear winners were the 100+ hour RPGs however with The Witcher 3 taking the runner up prize, a game Danny is 30 minutes into - only another 99 and a half hours to go big guy! The winner is the epic Dragon Quest 11, a game that apparently even has good "post credits" content. Good to know that after 90 hours, there's still plenty left to do!

Best Game Released Too Late in 2018....of the Year

Most game awards neglect games that come out in December, or even late November as by that time most people are winding down and thinking about what their GotY is. That's why we created this category to give those late-bloomers a second chance! There were some big hitters like Dragon Quest Builders 2 [DQB1 gameplay] and the free-to-play Warframe [gameplay] that got some talk, also weird how another F2P game dropped late this year too but we'll talk about that next year! [gameplay] As for smaller games, Battle Princess Madelyn was a cool looking Ghost and Goblins style game that we played at TGS [writeup] but released too late to get much interest. The runner up prize goes to Katamari Damacy Encore, a game that got a lot of fan support and has a cool demo so it's worth checking out! The game that we most regret not playing or talking about was Firewatch, a game still on the Famicrew's wishlist because it looks so damn good! If only there weren't 300 games released every month!

This Game Really Should be on Switch...of the Year

This category gets harder to do every year because seriously, what game isn't on Switch at this point? Even Microsoft first party games are coming to the console now [Ori gameplay] [Cuphead video review], but we did find a few that suspiciously aren't on the console yet. While we're talking about M$, how about some Rare Replay , after all most of the games were/are Nintendo games anyhow! Failing that, why not put other third party classics on the NES Online app? As for other older games, a Bioshock Collection would go well on Switch, they are PS3/X360 games and a new game is on the horizon, so what's the hold up? In terms of Wii U games, the Zelda remakes are sorely missing, especially Wind Waker! After much deliberation, the runner up award went to a Metal Gear Solid Collection, mainly because we want to play MGS2 (never been on a Nintendo system) and MGS 3 (the best one according to Ty). Crazy that this category turned out to be this hotly contested in the end, but the winner was a Nintendo 64 Online app, in the vein of the NES/SNES apps. N64 is where emulation gets trickier, especially when it comes to playing them in versus modes online. If Nintendo could pull off a 4-player online mode for all out favorite 64 games, then they'd be making a lot of people very happy!

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