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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Fammies 2018 - Group D - The Random Group

Group D - The Random Group 

Danny's Watto Pro Cricket Award

Obviously, I like sports games. It's a genre that I've played since I was a kid and even though they piss me off to no end, I still get some level of enjoyment out of them. This year there were several amazing (and not so amazing) sports games that released on the Switch. I didn't get to play all of them, however, I did get to play the best of the best when it comes to baseball and football. If you're looking for an awesome baseball/sports game on Switch, look no further than Pro Yakyū Famista Evolution. The mechanics are sound, there are tons of modes and the game is just a blast to play. Watto and I both approve. For more on Famista Evolution, be sure to check out my review

Sairus's Best Excuse for Missing a Show

I had such a wealth of excuses to choose from this year, but for the sake of my ongoing marriage I feel the getting married one had to take the Best slot. Unfortunately my cake did not actually have Odyssey amiibo on it. I mentioned the idea and decided the wedding would rapidly become a funeral had I gone ahead with it. Fun fact! The music we used for signing our vows and marriage certificates was the main theme from Zelda: The Wind Waker!

Ty Does What Nintendon't of the Year

Far Cry 5 engaged me on many different levels. It was special to me because the game is based on the sparsely-populated Montana redneck valley that I grew up in. The story engages with some interesting philosophy that's apparently a little too deep for most game journalists to grasp. And, of course, I like games where you shoot like five thousand people. 💀💀💀

James' Best Famicom Online Moments of the Year

I'm very happy that Famicom Online won "Online Game of the Year", or should that have been games? The reason being, playing with friends makes it infinitely more fun. Danny of course tried his hardest not to make it fun, basically by being a dick at every possible moment. This made his failings at various games all the more hilarious of course. No.5 is classic dickish Danny, choosing the strongest possible team while pretending not to know any of the games controls or secret techniques. No.4 is just funny because dying from being pelted by shit is at its very core, hilarious. Especially after I easily got passed it moments before. No.3 is great because Danny is always boasting about being good at wrestling games, yet here he gets piledrivered into oblivion and thrown out the ring. No.2 is glorious because falling down an obvious hole is just, let's face it, funny! No.1 wins it because it encapsulates Danny's play style, dickish. Flying around showing off his "skills", only to stab me in the back. Good times!

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