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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Fammies 2018 - Group C - The Shudda, Cudda, Wudda Group

Group C - The Shudda, Cudda, Wudda Group

Need to Play More Next Year....of the Year
Near the end of every year, we look back in our game libraries and contemplate which games we probably should have put more time into. Sometimes they just get pushed down to the bottom of the home screen because you weren't in the mood at the time, other times it's just because we're idiots, but in Smash Ultimate's case - it's just because it came out too late! It is probably of no surprise that a game that is winning many people's best game award needs more time to be put into it, especially one as vast as Smash! [SSBU videos playlist] Our runner up is Doom, which was a later release here in Japan (and therefore does qualify), but for whatever reason JC and Danny neglected to play it much in 2018. Heck they haven't even played online multiplayer together yet! With Doom Eternal coming to Switch in 2019, what better excuse to get to slaying demons again! [Sairus's written & video review]

Best Game Released Too Late in 2017....of the Year
Every year publishers decide to release their biggest games in December. How on earth do they expect to be put on anyone's GotY lists doing that? Anyway, here at the Famicast, we decided to give them a chance with our brand new category dedicated to games that came out AFTER the Fammies 2017 were done and dusted. Sairus (backed by our community) decided that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was too huge a game to be ignored from last year, and therefore is the first winner of this new award! The runner up is the delightful Link to the Past homage, Blossom Tales. Ironically this game is yet to be released here in Japan, but as we exclusively broke earlier this year, it's on the way! Let us know if you passed on these games in 2017, but ended up playing them in 2018! [Danny's written & video review]

This Game Really Should be on Switch...of the Year

With over a thousand games on the eShop (slightly fewer here in Japan), it may seem weird to even have this category at all, surely everything is on Switch now? Well, not quite. The winner this year surely comes from the fact that Smash Ultimate's first DLC character is Joker, a character from Persona 5, a game that is not currently on Nintendo systems. Will it be announced in a January 2019 Direct? It would be odd to have a character not playable on anything outside of Smash Bros. It's kind of the same story with what happened to Cloud - Smash first, Final Fantasy 7 coming later in 2019!
The runner up is the eternally requested (by James) Super Mario Maker. With the very pedestrian New Super Mario Bros U coming out early 2019, it would be a crime not to release a superior Mario game soon after. Reminder: don't buy NSMBU on Switch if you already have it on Wii U, it'll just encourage Nintendo.

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