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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Fammies 2018 - Group E - The Famicrew's Top Fives

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Group E - The Famicrew's Top Fives

Danny's Most Played of 2018

2018 has deceptively been a hell of a year for Nintendo and the Switch. While the majority of the year was without the big hitters, Nintendo let out the big guns at the end of the year with Smash and Pokemon (still don't have that one!). For me, though, I've spent the most time with Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Cloud Version on Switch. I'm over 90 hours in now and still feel like I could keep playing the game for another 100, no joke! With the DLC recently dropping, I just might!

Outside of ACO, Famista Evolution, Famicom Online and Captain Toad were some other games I sunk some serious time into. Smash is on there as well, but up to this point, most of my time was spent grinding out characters. I'm looking forward to actually playing the game for fun more in 2019. Also, an honorable mention even though it's not a 2018 release - NBA 2K18. I picked the game up during the summer on a fire sale and sunk around 60 hours into it. While the progression system is a bit shameful in My Career, the gameplay is just so damn good that I had to force myself to stop playing.

James' Most Played of 2018

As with every year, my hour count pales in comparison to the other guys'! However, I think I played a large variety of games for a decent amount of time, for example games that just missed out and all clocked in at 5 hours each; Biohazard 7, Pixeljunk Monsters 2, Fortnite, Kero Blaster, and Xeodrifter. Of all the indie games I played this year (and there were quite a few!), Owl Boy got the most time put into it. The story was too compelling to not see it through to the end. [My review / Gameplay]
Next up was quite a recent entry to the top 5, as during the Fammies podcast it was only at around 5 hours, and that is Doom! After deciding that I needed to play more next year, I booted it up and got hooked right away, pushing it nicely into my most played list. Killing Demons is fun. [Sai's review]
Undertale has been on my radar for years, mainly because Ty wouldn't shut up about it on the show. Turns out it was worth the wait, it's an RPG for people that don't like RPGs (like me). It completely charmed me and now joins a very short list of RPGs that I've actually completed and enjoyed. [My video and written review]
Taking my No.2 slot is technically not a game, but many games, a service if you will. Danny and I had great fun playing Famicom Online together, despite me having almost zero familiarity with any of the games, which must mean something! [YouTube playlist]
My No.1 game should be of no surprise for Nintendo fans, but what should be surprising is that I'm the only member of the Famicrew who has Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as their most played in 2018! With so little time left in the year to play it, it's mainly been single player content - and I absolutely love it! Looking forward to playing more with you all next year and beyond!

Sairus' Most Played of 2018

As you can tell from my top 5 most played games this year, I like mindless grinding! The only reason Paladins is my No.1 is because after buying the founders pack, I felt compelled to get some enjoyment out of it!

Ty's Most Played of 2018

DragonBall FighterZ is a great fighting game for all levels of play. You can watch scrub babies go from one-button autocombos, to intermediate bread-and-butter double-jump combos, to advanced character-specific technology. It's the Marvel vs Capcom game that Capcom couldn't deliver!

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