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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Kirby Ichiban Kuji Lottery Starts October 15

A handful of Kirby goods will be up for sale via random draws through the Ichiban Kuji lottery system at Family Mart convenience stores across Japan. Starting on Saturday, October 14, customers that purchase a ¥700 are able to pull one item ticket from the pool of “Comic-like Kirby & Friends” prizes. There are a total of seven grades and an additional “Last Pull” item. You can find the list of items for the lottery below. 

Grade A - “Let’s Draw Together” Diorama Figure (19 cm)
Grade B - Suction Kirby Blanket (80 cm)
Grade C - “Straight from the Comics” Mascot Plushies (3 types, 10 cm)
Grade D - Comic-like Design Plates (4 types, 8.5 cm)
Grade E - Rubber Character Collection (6 types, 4.5 - 13 cm)
Grade F - Exciting Comic Stationery Collection (4 types)
Grade G - Comic-like Towel Collection (5 types, 25 cm)
Last Draw - Drawing Kirby Plushie
Family Mart and Nintendo teamed up with Bandai Spirits for a Pikmin themed Ichiban Kuji over the summer in July. You can read more about that here

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