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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Kirby Food and Merch hits Japanese Convenience Stores Sep. 26

Nintendo is once again teaming up with Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart for another set of food and merch with eligible purchases. This time, Kirby is the star of the show with things kicking off today, Tuesday, September 26 across the country. Below, you can find all of the food and drinks on the menu.

Food & Drink Menu
Shuwamoko! Kirby no Ringo Jelly | Kirby Apple Jelly Drink | ¥298
This apple flavored drink comes packaged with two small packets to mix into the drink. Once mixed, a white foam forms and helps give it the flavor. A total of three cup designs are available, however, the flavor is the same regardless of the design. 
Harapeko Kirby no Ringo Pan | Super Hungry Kirby Apple Bread | ¥145
A fluffy apple flavored bun with an apple jam and whip cream on the inside. 
Muteki Candy Mitaina Roll Cake | Invincible Candy-like Roll Cake | ¥150
Designed after the in-game invincible candy, this strawberry milk flavored cake will make you feel invincible when you eat it. 
Kirby mo Daisuki! Tomato, Bacon, Lettuce Sand(wich) | Kirby Also Loves it! BLT | ¥348
Inspired by the health restoration item from the game, containing not only tomato but also bacon and lettuce. Recommended for when you’re feeling tired. 

Merch - Folders and Stickers
The purchase of three eligible snacks from Family Mart will net you either one of four folders or stickers. The folder campaign started today, September 26 and will run while supplies last. The sticker campaign will start on Tuesday, October 10 at 10:00 a.m. across the country. Be sure to look for snacks with a Kirby label on the shelf/price tag. 

Look for this tag on food items
Nintendo teamed up with Family Mart over the summer in July with Pikmin themed food and merch. You can check out our photo gallery of all that was on offer for that here. In the meantime, enjoy these Kirby themed goodies!

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