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Monday, August 28, 2023

Super Mario x Baskin Robbins Japan, Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo is teaming up with popular ice cream shop Baskin Robbins for another collaboration. Starting on Friday, September 1 and running until Monday, October 2, Super Mario themed ice cream will be on the menu at Baskin Robbins locations across Japan. There are a total of seven items that will be offered during the campaign period. 

Collabo Flavors
Two flavors are on offer here - Super Kinoko (Mushroom) Cola Float and the 1UP Kinoko Melon Soda. The Super Mushroom flavor combines both cola sherbet and vanilla ice cream while the 1UP Mushroom flavor features both melon sherbet and vanilla. Baskin Robbin’s white “Pachi Pachi Candy,” or pop rocks are also thrown into the mix. 
Super Mario Double Cup
Special double scoop (any flavors) Mario themed cups will be available during the campaign period. Three colors are available - red, green and yellow. Additionally, those that purchase one of the cups will be able to receive either a Super Mushroom or 1UP cookie. These cookies are limited to 310,000 nationwide. Cookies are given out at random and you MAY not be able to choose your cup design of choice. 
Super Star Sundae
This special sundae features a small size scoop of your choice and is topped with a special Mario pick, whipped cream, a brick/block chocolate and a Super Star. The warp pipe cup is made of plastic and can be taken home to be used as you wish. 
Ice Flower Soda
Perfect to keep you cool from the unbearable Japanese summer heat, this is based on the Ice Flower power-up. This offering contains soda, a yogurt flavored jelly and coconut gel / nata de coco combined with your choice one scoop of ice cream. Baskin Robbins recommends one of the newly produced Mario flavors for optimum taste. This soda also comes with a special Ice Flower Mario sticker. 
Yoshi Egg Set
This special set comes in a green box decorated with Mario riding Yoshi. Inside are eight eggs that are filled with your choice of small scoops. The plastic eggs come with stickers that can be applied to the outside. A green Yoshi eco bag is also included with the purchase of the set. 
Super Mario Variety Box
Four different Variety Boxes are available here - a four pack, six pack, eight pack and twelve pack. These can be filled with whatever flavors you like and are available in either regular or small sized scoops. The boxes all feature different Mario themed art containing familiar items, such as blocks, coins, mushrooms, other characters and the man himself. 
Super Mario Plate 6
A special ice cream cake made up of popular Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors and decorated with all things Mario is also in the lineup. The 16 cm x 5 cm cake will come housed in a special question mark box while supplies last. If the box runs out during the campaign, the cake will be sold with a regular box. 
GPS Check-In Original Sticker
Those that visit Baskin Robbins locations in Japan and purchase one of more of the Super Mario products will be able to a special Super Mario x Baskin Robbins sticker. A My Nintendo Japan account is required to claim the prize. 
This isn’t the first collaboration that Nintendo has had with the ice cream juggernaut in Japan. At the end of June, a special Splatoon 3 campaign offered a handful of new flavors and items. You can read more about that here

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