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Friday, August 4, 2023

Super Mario Bros. Movie Viewed by 168 Million People Worldwide

Nintendo’s efforts to expand their IP outside of gaming has paid off. After already becoming the second highest grossing animated film of all time and the highest ever grossing video game based film, Nintendo has revealed a few more interesting tidbits about the movies performance. Since releasing in April, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been seen by 168.10 million people in theaters around the world. The total box office revenue, as of July 26, is sitting at $1.349 billion dollars. 

Nintendo went on to say, “Moreover, the heightened consumer interest in Super Mario is having positive effects in a wide range of fields, including growing sales of Mario related titles, and sales of smart device apps and merchandise. By expanding Nintendo IP in areas outside the dedicated video game platform we create new opportunities for consumers to encounter Nintendo IP, and this invigorates our overall business. Based on the various effects that we have confirmed through the release of this movie, we will continue our efforts towards visual content-related initiatives.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was recently added to streaming service Peacock in the US. The movie has yet to see a home or streaming release in Japan. The Mario Movie is still actively running in theaters across Japan. For more on the release of the movie in Japan, be sure to check out our video about the film's release below.

Source: NCL

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