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Sunday, March 12, 2023

eBaseball Power Pro Baseball 2022 on Sale NOW

The 2022 iteration of eBaseball Power Pro Baseball is currently on sale via the “2023 World Baseball Classic Support Sale” on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop. The PlayStation 4 version still remains at full retail price. The sale runs until Monday, March 27 (it started on March 1), and brings the standard version of the game down to ¥3,960 (52% off, roughly $29.33 USD) and the Powerful Edition to ¥4,911 (53% off, roughly $36.37 USD). 

Additionally, several in game items are also being distributed between March 8 (10:00 a.m.) until March 23 (11:59 p.m.). The following items will be given out to players for free:

Mode | Item
Pennant | Big Rookie Appearance x2
My Life | Everyone’s Assessment x2
Eikan Nine | New Student Resume x2
Success | Genius Joining Notification x2
Saku Success | Genius Player Card x2
Power Fes | Max Condition Drink x4

eBaseball Power Pro Baseball 2022 released in March 2022, not to be confused with the February 2023 WBSC eBaseball Power Pros that released in around the globe at a discount price. For more on the Power Pro 2022, be sure to check out our review here or the video below. Alternatively, if you want to read or watch more about WBSC Power Pros, check out our review here or watch the video version below. 

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