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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Nintendo Live 2022 | Photos | October 8

Nintendo Live 2022 was a fun time. Sure, there wasn't a whole lot of NEW titles to play at Tokyo Big Sight this year, but the overall atmosphere, the tournaments, concert and more were entertaining. Of course, I went ahead and snapped a ton of pictures at the event on the only day I was able to attend (Saturday, October 8). You can kind of see how my journey throughout the whole day went - from outside of the hall, lining up, getting inside the halls, getting through some light crowds all the way to the end of the day when everyone was heading out. Hopefully this can give you some kind of an idea of what it was like at this Japan only Nintendo sanctioned event. Enjoy!

- Danny (@dannybiv)

Getting lined up. 

Heading in!
Oh my god! Is that NOA President Doug Bowser?!
More waiting...
And I'm in!
Getting in line to play some Mario games at the Mario Dojo.
Okay. Table 2. Full of kids and parents. This should be easy.
Nope. The dad curb stomped me in Mario Kart 8. 
Some Smash and the other booths.
Pokémon History...and a small crowd...
Nintendo Switch Sports...before the competition...
The floor.
Oh my god! I met Doug Bowser in this convenience store!
Getting back in. 
Time for some Tears of the Kingdom, baby!
A section for kids to try out some mainline Switch titles.
More Switch Sports
The Pikmin Corner.
Met up with Genki_JPN!
Ran into Doug Bowser again. This time Genki and I asked for pictures.
More Pokémon History.
Pokémon Scarlet & Violet!
Another pass around the floor. 
Going up to the concert and lining up.
Inside the hall before the concert. No pics allowed during the show!
Back to the floor.
Some more Zelda. Why not?!
Dark picture of Tokyo Big Sight after the event. 
Thanks for checking the pictures!

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