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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New Pikmin T-Shirt & More Available on My Nintendo Japan

Pikmin is back with the announcement of Pikmin 4 and Nintendo is celebrating this with a variety of goods on My Nintendo Japan. Part of the Nintendo TOKYO Pikmin collection, five different pieces of merch are on sale now. All items are available for pre-order now and are set to arrive in late October. Here’s what’s on offer: 
  • Pikmin T-Shirt | ¥3,080
  • Pikmin Keychain | ¥990
  • Pikmin Folder | ¥440
  • Pikmin Stickers | ¥770
  • Pikmin Face Towel | ¥1,430
A bag is also scheduled to be sold by the end of the year and will retail for ¥2,420. A set of “mini towel handkerchieves are also available via My Nintendo for 300 Platinum points. These are available now for pre-order and will ship in early November. 
Shigeru Miyamoto himself was sporting the Pikmin T-Shirt during the latest Nintendo Direct. If you’re in the vicinity of Nintendo New York, you can pick up the shirt there for $24.99 USD or via My Nintendo in the US. You can see pictures of all of the items below. 

Sources: NCL, My Nintendo JapanSpecial thanks to Xander Morningstar (@morningshark) for the tip!

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