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Monday, October 4, 2021

Dragon Quest X Offline Dated for Japan, Coming to Switch

The offline version of Square Enix’s MMO has a firm release date - February 26, 2022. The game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam and will retail for ¥8,580 ($77 USD) on all platforms. Additional DLC for DQX Offline, based on Version 2.0 The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies, will be available in Spring 2022. On top of the standard version of the game, a Deluxe version featuring additional in-game items will also be available for ¥12,980 ($116 USD). A Super Deluxe version is also on the way. This set offers the aforementioned in-game items as well as some real Dragon Quest 35th anniversary real world items - a pin set, a spoon and a mug. The Super Deluxe version will retail for ¥15,730. 
The graphical style, which features chibi-fied versions of the characters from the Dragon Quest X Online, was created using a technique Square Enix has dubbed the DD Rotoscope system, with the Ds standing for “Dots” and “Deformation.” Here, a rotoscope technique captures the the original character models and locations, deforms them, and gives what is seen in the final Dragon Quest X Offline product. 
You can see the new trailer for DQX Offline below. 
At this time, there is no word if Dragon Quest X Offline will see life outside of Japan. Be sure to check out our article on why it should here, or check it out in video form below. 


Unknown said...

I hope this comes out in the west. I need more Dragon Quest in my life and it'll be the closest thing to experiencing DQ X in English. I wonder when that DQ III HD-2D remake is coming out, as well.
(This comments section actually works! lol)

The Famicast said...

It does work, doesn't it! lol!

I'm really hoping it comes to the West, too. There is a chance, but I don't know how high it is, honestly. Almost a 50/50 at this point. This offline version has a lot less for Square Enix to worry about in terms of a Western release if they kept with the online version. Sure, localization would take some time, but the stories are set and ready to go. We'll just have to wait and see on this AND that DQ III HD-2D remake!
- Danny