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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Metroid Dread has Six SKUs in Japan

Metroid Dread is coming to us all this October. For gamers in Japan, there are definitely plenty of options when it comes to picking up the title. A whopping six versions of the game are currently available for pre-order on the My Nintendo Store in Japan. The following are currently listed:
  • Metroid Dread | Digital | ¥7,600
  • Metroid Dread | Physical | ¥7,678
  • Metroid Dread | Physical Package with Download Code | ¥7,600
  • Metroid Dread | Special Edition | ¥10,978
  • Metroid Dread | Special Edition w/ Download Code | ¥10,900
  • Metroid Dread | Special Edition w/ box only (no game) | ¥4,400
While it may come as a surprise to some, NCL has been offering physical/digital code combo versions of games via the My Nintendo Store online for years. The same goes with the special edition items being for sale without the game. 

Pre-orders opened for all Metroid Dread related items today, June 16, including all of the above listed SKUs and amiibo. You can check out the storefront here.

1 comment:

Lucas deep said...

Back when I first played Zero Mission for the first time I knew this franchise was special
17 years later I played Dread and it gave me that same feeling I had when I first played Metroid
This game is truly a masterpiece IMO. I love the overwhelmingly positive reviews the game is receiving, the fact that Metroidof all franchises are a very, very strong contender for Game of the Year warms my heart.