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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Fammies 2019 - Group B - The Worst Group

Group B - The Worst Group

Please STOP...of the Year

Capcom got a LOT of mention in this award! The first thing we debated was publishers threatening to not release games on the Switch unless they buy a certain game in the millions, only to release....a terrible game no one wants. EA did it with FIFA (and still are), Sega did it with Monkey Ball recently, but Capcom started it off with one of Switch's first releases Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, a crappy version of a game that had better options on PS3/360. Yikes. They have since re-released a whole bunch of games on Switch, but unfortunately at quite a premium! The older Devil May Cry and Resident Evil games have made an appearance but for double the price of other consoles with no added features. This leads us nicely into the "winner" of this award with is releasing a game digitally for a high price then 6 months later releasing it in a physical package as part of a collection with only said game actually on the cart and the rest as downloads. Or to put it more concisely; one game on the card - download the rest yourself. This kind of practice should not be encouraged, as what if the games are no longer available for download years from now? Square Enix is also guilty of this with some of their Final Fantasy collections in some regions. STOP IT!
The runner up is bad delay based net code because Ty wouldn't shut up about it. In short; it's free to implement and works really well for fighting games and retro games so everyone should use it.

Disappointment of the Year

This was quite a difficult award to hash out because most of the games we played (especially first party) were really good! Danny complained that Yokai Watch 4 wasn't all that good despite initially kinda liking it [video impressions], and even though it gave us our biggest video of all time [TGS 2018 video] no one really cares about it enough in the end. Other folk complained that Yoshi's Crafted World wasn't as good as it could have been, but again no one complained hard enough and it had a pretty good demo [James' stream of the demo]. The most disappointing game went to Wolfenstein Youngblood [stream], which compared to it's awesome predecessor didn't quite live up to expectations. Pointless levelling system and bullet sponge enemies were the biggest annoyances. However the biggest disappointment in gaming, and perhaps life in general was being a grown-ass adult and not having enough time or money to play all these amazing games! A far cry from the barren Wii U days for sure, now we have the opposite problem!

Complete Garbage of the Year

This year has been all about the garbage. Whether it be bargain basement sub-$1 games on the eShop, or just trash being thrown onto the Switch to earn a quick buck - we've had it all! During this year's Summer of Streams, JC played a lot of games, and not all of them were great! Mochi Mochi Boy and Peasant Knight definitely stood out as some real stinkers, but Heroes Trials was the one that stuck with him as being particularly awful due to its stupid time-limited Zelda style exploration [stream]. However the "winner" of this award has to go to Knives Out (aka Kouya Koudo in Japan), the shameless rip off of PUBG except without any of the technical prowess. It's most popular here in Japan as a smartphone game played by high-schoolers, but for some reason NetEase have made it look and play worse on the Switch [stream].

Feature Still Missing from Switch of the Year

Another year of Switch, another year of very big and obvious features missing from the system. Ty nominates Netflix every year and for some reason it doesn't win, will it ever come at this point? Themes other than the basic black or white options seem to be a popular request, as are folders to sort our games into categories. Danny also really wants cloud storage for pictures and videos for some reason, possibly so he can recreate Miiverse if Nintendo allowed access to everything via a web page. The most popular Switch OS request has to be a button to allow a permanent all software layout. Come on Nintendo, we all have dozens of games at this point, give us a bigger grid! The winner however goes to a better dedicated Nintendo  Online app, sounds like a simple request right? Well remember we're 3 years in and there are still only two games on the app (Splatoon 2 and Smash), does anyone at Nintendo even care at this point? If they like money, it would be a good idea to have the eShop in app form so people can browse and queue up downloads from their phone, all of this framework is already in place, it just needs to be put in an app.

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