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Thursday, September 12, 2019

TGS 2019 Game Previews [Day 1: JC]

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Throw Contra, swords, and heavy metal into a blender and you get Valfaris! The action and animation was so slick and felt so good, i just wanted to keep on playing! We captured some direct feed footage at the show and the booth attendant asked me to stop because we were actually playing the final release and he was worried we were seeing too much! Spoiler alert for episode 158 of the Famicast - it was my game of the show! [video below]

Rubi (Dangen)
This is basically Super Metroid with added cuteness, except the girl doesn't wear a suit! It was easy to play and had a teleport dash from Axiom Verge, so I liked it! [video below]

Bug Fables (Dangen)
Put the mechanics of Paper Mario, the aesthetics of Okami and the story of Bugs Life together and you get Bug Fables! This looks like it could turn out to be a charming RPG for people who like the whole button-timing style of turn-based combat. [video below]

Megaman Zero/ZX Collection (Capcom)
I can see why Sairus says that he doesn't like these games now. They did feel different to a classic MegaMan or MegaMan X. Not that fun, but at least all the games are on one cartridge for people that care about that kind of thing. [video below]

Tales Triggers (Dutch Games Area)
It was still super early but it was described as a 2D MOBA for beginners. Basically all the action plays out on one screen Bomberman style, except it's a MOBA, so the 2 teams are aiming for a central "thing".
Pushy Pully 
Pushy Pully  (Dutch Games Area)
Very cute art and music, plays like Bomberman except you push and pull the blocks to kill stuff. You can play co-op and you don't hurt each other. Had some cool mechanics that helped it feel fresh.

Block Planet (Stand alone indie booth)
Like Michael says in his section, it's a multiplayer single screen colourful tank shooter. I destroyed everyone, including the devs. Very simple, maybe too simple in its current form.

Burger Time (Taito)
Played the classic for the first time ever, but in a modern arcade cabinet that Taito had set up. Mini consoles were HUGE this year, so you could also buy it in mini form too.
Brook Mini Dock + GCN Adaptor
Brook Mini Dock (Brook)
Not a game, but I played Smash on a mini dock with built in GCN adaptor! You probably saw the pictures on our Twitter account. Also now I know who "Brook" are, you know that company Ty mentions on every episode of the show? Any this is a very cool device which should be perfect for taking your Switch round to peoples house for Smash. Only 2 GCN ports though, so Fox Vs Fox Final Destination no items only I guess.

Tabegoro Super Monkey Ball (Sega)

This is coming to Switch, but Sega only had PS4 versions for some reason. Reminded me that I'm not at Monkey Ball. My excuse was that this had a jump button and felt weird with the stupid PS4 sticks.

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