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Friday, September 13, 2019

TGS 2019 Game Previews [Day 2: JC]

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R-Type Final 2 (Happinet booth)
This was is two different booths, one had the PC build with an XBox controller, the other had a PS4 version, but I was assured it is definitely coming to Switch, which is good news because it looks awesome! Basically it's a 3D rendered R-Type with flashy effects and explosions. The demo was really short though, like 2 minutes long. [official trailer below]

Portia  (Happinet booth)
This reminded me of a game I reviewed a while back called Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Basically a farming RPG where you can't die and just help people and grow things. Shame it had such long loading times on the show floor.

Giga Wrecker ALT (Happinet booth / Rainy Frog)
2D Platformer which let you destroy scenery to progress. It was the final version of the game, but to me felt unfinished, almost like a prototype, a bit janky. Looks OK, if a little simplistic and programmer-arty. Releasing in a standard and deluxe package here in Japan.
Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger iX 
Gunvolt Chronicles Luminous Avenger iX  (Happinet booth)
A great demo! Super slick Megaman X style game, which makes a mockery out of the other actual MegaMan game also at TGS. Tight controls, super fast, fun to play. Basically you're shooting and zooming through enemies, charing up you super moves and wrecking house. One to keep an eye on, especially if you liked the others in the series.

Etherborn (Altered Matter, individual booth)
3D platform puzzler where you walk on the walls, already seen a release outside of Japan. Looks nice, great concept. Basically you're jumping and walking your way to get to the next section, but you need to get your character on to the right side of the wall so you don't fall off.

Vigil The Longest Night
Michael also played this, it's super slick 2D hack and slash adventure with amazing art. Spoke to the animator at the show, he did good work because everything moves really nicely. [video below]

Up to 4 players hack and slash brawler, only showed a horde mode because it's still a way out (2020 release) but still feels good at this stage. The producer told told me she wanted it to be as deep as Bayonetta in terms of combos, and it definitely feels that way. Looking forward to what the single player story mode will be like. [video below]

With Friends Like These (Aussie couple)
Adorable co-op shooter where background colour affects who can shoot or control. Made by a couple, they said that they wanted to make a game that couples can play together. Very cute with wonderful art and a simple yet ingenious pay mechanic, I loved it! [video below]

Shores Unknown
A tactical action RPG like Fire Emblem, but with nice 3D flat shaded graphics. The developer gave some great commentary during our video, so take a listen if you want to know more! [video below]

Mario & Sonic at Tokyo 2020 (Sega)
As mentioned in the podcast, this game became a lot more interesting once Sega announced all the retro games , so that's exactly what I played! In reality they are just a shallow as the 3D minigames, but simple button mashers. The best was probably marathon, the worst being shooting (so boring). [video below]

Disaster Report 4 Plus Summer Memories
Only available to play in portable mode, which was probably a bad idea as it wasn't final and it seemed like it had framerate issues. Looks good if a little boring. Don't expect fire hurricanes and wild bears, this is more like a realistic survival game with earthquakes and talking to people who need help.

Liberated (Walkabout games)
Great genre mashup; techno-noir interactive graphic novel! Basically like that game Framed that Sairus played, expect you are actually controlling the character in the comic book frames. There were a lot of QTEs which I'm not a fan of, but it looked very cool and I like the concept. I just hope it has more interactivity. [video below]

I just watched it while the publisher talked about it, but looks super cool. 3D open-world futuristic adventure game where you play as a married couple exploring a planet and cooking for each other! We didn't see any combat in the demo, but we were assured it does have it. Definitely one to watch! Listen to the commentary below to hear more. [video below]

Michael said he's also into this, I just watched it but it looks really cool like Octopath Traveller, maybe even better! The developers said they went through a few graphical styles, starting off as all 2D, then transitioning into this hybrid look. I think it works, as the sprites really stand out and are a lot easier to see than Octopath.
Apps Flyer
The booth ladies gave us cranberry juice with cinnamon was really tasty, no idea what they were selling. I also talked to someone from Twitter Japan Gaming and made sure I spoke entirely in hashtags. I think he hated me.

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