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Friday, September 20, 2019

The Famicast 158 - TOO MANY GAMES SHOW 2019

Hold onto your butts for the longest episode of the Famicast ever! (maybe) This marathon episode starts with a healthy dose of new business Rich Catalano (friend/Patron of the show) starts us off with talk on his favorite waifus from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Sairus is in love with SNES Online (one in particular), Ty has been playing a Switch game again, this time Creature in the Well which may or may not be a pinball adventure game, and JC has been losing his sanity over The Sinking City. The main part of the show is recapping the Direct that we missed, plus of course our massive world-famous TGS 2019 coverage! If that wasn't enough (that's literally 2 hours of content) we also have a world exclusive interview with TGS booth model Ayano Irizuki! So amazing we probably skipped your feedback right? Wrong! We read out all your amazing comments and emails too! Are we getting an award for this? Anyway enjoy, and see you in October! (unless you're a Patron because then you have an additional 3 exclusive podcasts on top of this too!)


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