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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Famicast @ Tokyo Game Show 2018 [Hub Page]

TGS 2018 Hub Page
Welcome to the Famicast's coverage of Tokyo Game Show 2018! As the only Nintendo podcast and website based in Japan, where else are you going to get the best videos, previews, and articles of Nintendo Switch games at the show? That's right - keep it locked to this page, or our YouTube channel for new content throughout the week of the show!

Written Articles
World exclusive footage from TGS!
Gameplay Videos

Updated throughout the show and beyond!
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Day 1: James's photos 
Day 2: Michael's photos
Our TGS hype show!


anael said...

Thanks for all of your TGS 2018 coverage. Really enjoyed the latest podcast!

The Famicast said...

No problem! We're glad to you enjoyed the coverage and the show! We gearing up for another episode next week with all sorts of cool stuff