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Friday, September 28, 2018

The Famicast 134 - TOO MANY GAMES SHOW 2018

The Famicrew survived the Tokyo Game Show this year and are back with a new episode of The Famicast to tell their stories! The guys talk about the likes of Yo-kai Watch 4, Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, Umihara Kawase Fresh, tons of indie games and more. Also, exclusive for the audio version of the podcast, Danny and Ty sit down with Ben JuddNayan Ramachandran and Dan Luffey, localization/publishing experts from Dangen Entertainment! Hype get, people!

After getting through the TGS talk, the guys catch up on the news with some quick takes on the last Nintendo Direct and some thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Online service. The show closes out with feedback and comments from you lovely people. Enjoy the show and hit us up with any questions!

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