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Friday, September 15, 2017

Famichatting: Nintendo Direct Sept 14th, 2017

Our thoughts on the Direct, now in written form! Let's get to it! No seriously, stop looking at Mario's chest and get reading already!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Danny: Despite the ridiculously large boobs, this actually looks to be shaping up pretty well. The gameplay looks fun and I like the new mechanic with the Blade system. If it's anything like the previous games (I don't see how it couldn't be!), there is going to be a ton of depth to this game that will keep players busy for hours.
James: This could be the breast game in the series, looks great, and it’s not delayed! Remember they delayed X because of Zelda. I’m playing Zelda, so I won’t be playing this.
Sairus: I don’t know what it is about Xenoblades, but they just completely don’t interest me. The game sure looks friggin pretty though.  

Splatoon 2 update

Danny: I pretty much only stick with a very small number of weapons in my Splatooning, so this new weapon does nothing for me. BUT, my god! Kelp Dome was my favorite stage from the original Splatoon! Can't wait to blast some fools (aka die a lot) in Splatoon 2!
James: Fun fact the Tenta Brella is called the “Camping Shelter” in Japanese. Also nice Kelp Dome is coming back with additions, I liked that stage too!
Sairus: As a Reinhardt main in Overwatch I am looking forward to both using the new Tenta Brella and seeing all the Reinhardt inkling fanart. Kelp Dome is pretty unanimously thought of as one of the best maps in Splatoon, so I’m very happy to see it come back!
Ty: In a few years, the internet will bear witness to the horrifying results of kids seeing a sex joke in a squid game at the exact wrong time in their sexual development.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Danny: Uh...okay then..bouncing boobs...
James: Next.
Sairus: This was certainly another FE character. Her boob bouncing looked hella weird at the end of the clip though.  

Snipperclips Plus

Danny: Okay then...still haven't played the original release of the game but am still interested.
James: I almost cried shenanigans, but you can download it as DLC, so moving on...
Sairus: I love the original Snipperclips and have been sloooowly going through it with my fiancé. I’m still a long way off beating it though, so while I may get this expansion pack eventually I’m definitely in no rush. Snipperclips is a great idea for a game though so I love that it’s still being worked on! The New Game+ is a neat idea.

Morphies Law

Danny: This freakin game creeps me out! I was actually surprised to see it get any kind of face time on the Japanese version of the Direct! It's a unique idea but I'm not sure if I need any more multiplayer shooters in my life with Splatoon 2 already here and other games like Call of Duty WW2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the way.
James: This game looks mental. Will be interesting to see if this sells more than a handful of copies on Switch.
Sairus:  Again, I love the idea of this game but it just looks like they don’t have the budget to expand on their great idea. If I had more time to play games I’d probably pick this up, but with precious little time and so many games on my menu I’ll likely never pick this up.

Rocket League

Danny: When I first picked up the game on my PS4 back in 2015 (thank you for an awesome free game, Sony!), I immediately wanted a chance to also play it on the go. Obviously, a Vita version never happened (RIP), but Rocket League coming to Switch is even better. Bring on those Nintendo themed car skins!
James: Looks fun as heck, and I’m all for teaching Americans what football is, even if it does take exploding cars.
Sairus: Looks as fun as it always has, and the new cars with Nintendo themed powers are cute. I’m still never going to play it though!

Arena of Valor

Danny: Not really my bag.
James: MOBA on Switch eh? Next.
Sairus: “First blood, double kill, triple kill, and all the features MOBA fans know and love” has got to be one of the saddest game pitches I’ve ever heard. “Introducing Street Fighter! First hits, 2 hit combos, three hit combos and all the features fighting game fans know and love!” I’m happy to see such a massive genre like MOBAs make an appearance on the system, but this game looks terribly uninspired.
Ty: “I like MOBAs” is serious red flag in any friendship


Danny: I'm mildly interested. I've never actually played the game and have only heard good things from friends and media outlets alike. The only thing that concerns me is if it'll feel to janky coming from Breath of the Wild earlier in the year. I don't really give a shit about the things like motion controls, but this could be a good excuse to play a game like this without monopolizing the TV and making my wife watch me run through a forest for seven hours in one setting.
James: All reports say this is a legit good port, but this is a hard sell to people still playing BotW like me.
Sairus: My fiancé put hundreds of hours into Skyrim. I shouted into the other room, “Do you want Skyrim for the Switch?”. She shouted back “No.” I imagine this is how most Skyrim players are going to feel.
Ty:  This game is pretty old. But, it’s still amazing! But, Switch version doesn’t have mod support like the other consoles have. But, it’s portable now! But, it’s probably going to stay really expensive for some reason. But they improved a lot of things for the special edition! But, the frogurt is cursed.

Doom + Wolfenstein 2

Danny: Wow. This was super surprising. If I have some extra money, I'll consider picking at least one of these up!
James: Holy shit, Doom! Much excite, and not because I predicted/requested it like 6 months ago.
Sairus: Where the heck did these come from?! I’ll definitely be getting DOOM. I’ve wanted to play it since launch, but my laptop would melt. Wolfenstein 2 I’m not so interested in, but really happy to see it on the system. It’s amazing to see Bethesda putting so much work into the Switch considering they’ve ignored Nintendo completely in previous generations. When is Doomguy amiibo?
I’m a little worried about the way the multiplayer portion of the game is download only. It’s a clever way to get around the expensive larger sized Switch carts, but it sets a dangerous precedent for lopping off huge portions of the game and asking you to download them.

Sairus: This picture is amazing.

Flip Wars Update

Danny: I really hope the update can fix this game. I really have no desire to go back either way, though,
James: Err, Read Danny’s review.

Arcade Archives: Mario Bros

Danny: Well, Hamster has been pumping out Neo Geo games almost every week since the launch of the Switch. Good for them! Ya know, VS Super Mario Bros. (Not Mario Bros.) sounds kinda neat and I remember seeing it at my local Pizza Hut when I was a kid. While it's largely the same as the original, it's supposed to be more difficult. That sounds like fun to me and I'd throw a couple bucks at something like that.
James: OK, this is weird. No Virtual Console, but arcade ports? OK that’s fine I guess but no one is going to be buying these piecemeal for $5-$10 a pop. Versus Ice Climber? Fuck off! This better be an all-encompassing app that lets you add games for dirt cheap.
Ty:  I love buying roms for ten dollars because I am a garbage idiot

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guardian Amiibo.

Danny:  I've had them all preordered since June on Japan’s My Nintendo Store. Still debating whether I should open them up when they come.
James: I love this game, but please no more amiibos.
Sairus: I love these guys and will probably get the amiibo eventually, then never use them in game. The gear they unlock does look really cool though.

NBA 2K18 + FIFA 18

Danny: Not really big into soccer, but I really liked NBA 2K14 when I played it a couple of years ago. I sunk probably 150-200 hours into it...and nearly gave myself a heart attack! It's a love hate thing with sports games for me as I just get TOO into them…When I was playing 2K14, I was always hoping for an option to play portably, and this is definitely the best way to do it.
James: Sports games. Nah….I got nothing.

Pokken Tournament DX

Danny: Played the demo a few weeks back. I think I've had enough.
James: Coming soon, to a Switch near….Sairus?
Sairus: I really like Pokken, but I bought the WiiU version and I didn’t play it enough to justify buying the whole game again with a few extra characters (that have been in arcades for months).
Ty:  I’m interested to see how hard Nintendo pushes this as a competitive game. It’s a good chance to polish the game and clean up some design issues.

Octopath Traveler

Danny: The visual style here is really amazing, I'm excited to see how this shapes up. Speaking of which, I need to download that damn demo still!
James: They spelt Traveler wrong, it should be “Traveller”. Anyway, looks good for people who liked Brave Fairies or whatever it was called?
Sairus: I really hope they keep the title of this game “Project Octopath: Working Title”. The game looks gorgeous and I really like the idea of each of the 8 characters going through the same story but having wildly different paths because of their one unique ability. Hopefully there’s a few brighter locations in the game though because it is really dark.

ARMS Version 3

Danny: I'm not inherently afraid of clowns, but something about Lola Pop creeps me out.
James: Lola Pop scares me. Is she some kind of “IT” tie in or something?
Sairus: I absolutely love Lola Pop’s design, but I tried out the Test Punch for ARMS a while back and just could not see the appeal in the game at all. Yay for button config I guess?
Ty:  Please fucking kill the gear progression system. This is the tipping point for my interest in purchasing a Switch.

Dragon Quest Builders

Danny: Sure, why not?
James: Now we’re talking. This totally makes sense on Switch. Despite the sequel already being announced, I could see this doing well, especially in Japan.

Kirby Star Allies

Danny: I've never been huge on Kirby games. I'll probably take a pass on this one, too.   
James: Push “up” to win. Next.
Sairus: Looks cute as heck. Buff Dedede is amazing. Probably going to pass on it like I do every Kirby game.

Nindies: SteamWorld Dig 2, Golf Story, Nine Parchments, Super Meat Boy Forever

Danny: All of these look legitimately cool. It gets to a point where it's not even about money, but time!
James: Steam World and Meat Boy look like must buys. Maybe not an instabuys though cos I’ve got other games on my plate!  
Ty:  Meat Boy is cool and good.

Lost Sphear

James: Anyone going to be tracking this down at TGS next week?
Danny:  This game wasn't even on my radar. I guess (as James is basically requesting above) that I need to play this at TGS.
Sairus: There’s just something about this and I am Setsuna that makes me really bored. If I get a chance at TGS I might give it a shot, but it’s definitely not a priority.

Sonic Forces

Danny: It’s not a Sonic Adventure HD Remastered, so I might have to pass.
James: Next.    
Sairus: I’m still decently excited for this despite basically everyone saying it looks garbage. Fun game for the readers: Search <Your Name> the Hedgehog on Google images. There are so many Sairus/Cyrus the Hedgehogs.
James: Faster to just search for "garbage".
Ty:  At last my fursona, a sexy walrus, can take his rightful place as Sonic’s dominatrix.

Resident Evil Revelaitons 1 + 2

Danny:  It’s cool that Capcom is doing SOMETHING outside of Street Fighter on Switch. I'm sure these games are quality titles, but when/if they fail, I hope Capcom doesn’t just hang up Switch support as a result.
James: I’m hype to play Revelaitons 2 for the first time.
Sairus: I am all in on these. I always wanted to play the Revelations titles but never quite got around to them.
Ty: Every Resident Evil gets re-released over and over except for my favorite one. No, not Gaiden...
James: Operation Racoon City then?     

L.A Noire

Danny:  Vaguely interested, I bought the 360 version five years ago and must have got bored with it because I only played for an hour or so. Still, support from Rockstar was surprising and I hope it leads to bigger and better things, even if that just means ports of older, but great, games from their library.
James: I always imagine Japanese people reading the title as RA-NO-I-RE (ラノイレ) which doesn’t mean anything, and is totally irrelevant but hey. What was I saying? Oh yeah I’m hype for this, but give me GTA 5 as well please.
Sairus:  Cool game. I watched a friend play through it years ago and had a good time! I have no interest in picking the game up, but it’s not an unwelcome addition to the Switch library.
Ty: I played this game for an hour and didn’t like it

Super Mario Odyssey

Danny:   Day one. It just keeps looking better and better every time it's shown off, too.    
James: Wow, Nintendo kept that secret close to their chests. Their naked, nipplely chests. Look, the hype levels for this game are already mental and this only increased it, my birthday is going to be great this year (it comes out 2 days after my birthday).
Sairus:  It’s a Mario game.

Japan Exclusives

Karaoke Joysound

Danny:  I'm all for this! And now it's karaoke on the go (as long as you have internet access)!
James: Karaoke on the train, bus, toilet - you name it - Danny will be doing it!
Sairus:  I was super happy to see this get a Switch release! I love the PS3 version so I’ll totally be getting this. I was actually planning on using my PS3 as a karaoke machine at my wedding, so having it on the Switch instead is extremely convenient!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

James: Can’t believe this is exclusive to Japan, coming January 18th, 2018!!
Danny: Mario + Rabbids didn't make sense to come out in Japan at the same time as the West. Localization aside, August leading into September and then the holiday season was pretty packed with releases. Monster Hunter XX (out a few days before Mario + Rabbids in the West), Pokken, Dragon Quest X and Fire Emblem Warriors wouldn't have given the game enough room to breathe.
Sairus:  I’ve heard basically nothing but good things about this game. I still haven’t played X-Com 1 yet though, so it’ll be a while before I get to this!
Ty: I lust for Rabbid death

Lovers: Minna de susume! Uchū no Tabi

Danny:   Strange concept that looks kinda fun.    
James: Cute Death Star attacks asteroids. Sure fire winner!

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Danny: Dat name, doh.     
James: That name doesn’t get more indie than that does it.
Tiny Metal

James: Nindies do what Nintendon’t, Advance Wars returns!!
Danny:  I think I must be the only one who is apathetic toward the Advance Wars series. It doesn't help that Battalion Wars was the last game I played...that counts, right.
Sairus:  I really hope this does wake up Nintendo to the fact there is a desire for Advance Wars games. And wow, no, Battalion Wars doesn’t count.
Ty:  Why hasn’t Nintendo made another Advance Wars game, anyway? They’re so good!   
James: Note, this was in the western Directs, they just didn't show any footage like they did in the Japan one.  

Crypt of the NecroDancer

James: Weird that this didn’t show up in the western Directs. Didn’t Ty like this or something?
Danny:  After hearing Ty talk about this multiple times, I'm down to dance here!
Sairus:  Ty has basically single handedly sold me on this too.
Ty: This game is a cherished reminder that video games aren’t so terrible after all.    

Winning Post 8 2017

James: Weird that this didn’t show up in the western Directs. Didn’t Ty like this or something?
Sairus: I hope this has motion controls so you can stand in the middle of your living room pretending to be on a horse and whipping yourself with a special Joycon attachment.
Ty: Every post I make is a winner!     

Phantasy Star Online: Cloud

James: It doesn’t download to your system it’s always on the cloud, geddit? Anyway I hope they sell this in an empty box like they did with Dragon Quest X.
Danny: Good luck! This kinda worked out for Dragon Quest X on 3DS which used a similar system.

Which games from the Direct are you hyped for? Let us know in the comment thread below or contact us at the usual places!

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