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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Famichatting: Pokémon Direct (June 6th, 2017)

Famichatting is a new feature here on TheFamicast.com, basically we make public the behind the scenes banter of the Famicrew as they react to various news and events. Here's our very first all about the Pokemon Direct!

You can watch the official video right here.

[10:45pm, 15 minutes before Direct]

James: I don’t know why I’m watching this, the last Pokemon game I played was Blue on the GameBoy

Danny: After finding out this thing was only eight minutes long, my hopes were kinda dashed. I smell remake aka STARZ. I was really hoping to see Pokken reborn on the Switch!

James: I dunno, everyone seems to think this is “guaranteed Pokemon Stars HD on Switch”, but remember Black/White 2?

Danny: I suppose this could just be a tease of sorts. Stars on 3DS. Excuse me. New 2DS. EXCLUSIVELY. As in it won’t work on older 3DS units. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo will find a way to disappoint.

James: That’s true enough. Sairus, what you expecting?

Sairus: Honestly, I don’t know. The timing seems right for a Stars announcement, or some mainline game thing, but the presentation is only 8 minutes.
I’m maybe expecting something like that sizzle reel showing Pokemon’s history from a couple years back that teased Pokken a year before it was announced.
Just a “Here’s everything that happened in Pokemon recently… and stay tuned for E3!”

James: Oh shit, I just thought - this could be a Pokemon Go update.

Sairus: I’d assume that Pokemon Company/Nintendo won’t be doing any Niantic advertising. Could be though!
My true hope is that they announce a new mainline 3DS game: Pokemon Bait and…. Then they never announce the Switch version.

Sairus: I have high hopes for Pokken too though.

[11pm Japan time. Direct starts]

James: Oh hello “Ishihara from the Pokemon Company”

Sairus: Starting with the Switch… bold move!

Danny: Oh god. Is this a precursor to...YESSSSS!

Sairus: Woop woop! Finally get those Pokken DLC characters from the game centers!

James: haha, great naming, just add “DX”

Danny: So thankful I never bought it on Wii U now.

Sairus: I guess the DX naming convention is here to stay. Works for me.

James: So watching this trailer...a Japanese guy is backpacking in...Thailand? Destroying the local kids at Pokken as he goes.

Sairus: Oh shit. New guys shown there. Decidueye from Sun/Moon.
This live action trailer better end with him on top of a Thai temple battling people.

James: Looks like a fun youth hostel to stay in, random Pokken tournament breaks out.

Danny: ...oh god. Now 3DS…

James: September 22nd for Pokken DX. Boom.

Sairus: Ultra?!

James: Wait, whut? Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon? On Switch/3DS? I missed it.

Sairus: Yep. 3DS only maybe.

James: Weird hearing the Japanese guy saying the Japanese names, but the English names on screen.

Sairus: It’s interesting that you couldn’t play Pokken on a single screen with WiiU. That’s a new feature for the Switch.

James: Livestream of Pokken DX at E3. [more info here]

Sairus: Pretty sick that you can catch Zoids in this new Ultra game. ‘Alternate story’ is so vague it’s kinda worrying though. Is it a sequel, or a slight mod?

Danny: ...oh shiiiiiiit! GBC VC on 3DS?! Gold and Silver! Neat. I might buy those and leave them on my digital shelf like I did with Red! Coming out the same day as Pokken DX (9/22).
James: November 17th for Ultra Sun/Moon on….3DS. Worldwide.

Danny: Well. That was moderately fun. Good to see the Virtual Console alive and kicking...well, not kicking...and pretty much on life support….and not on Switch...But hey! Why the hell not?!

Sairus: I’m actually really happy about that Pokken announcement. I’ll probably pick that game up again. It had a shockingly strong tournament scene despite how awkward it was to run. Watching the players get more and more depressed as the Japanese player base and Western player bases got further apart through DLC was kinda sad.

Danny: I’m pretty interested in getting Pokken. I almost picked it up on Wii U (It was under ¥2,000 on Amazon Japan), but I’m glad that I waited.

James: This Direct had absolutely nothing interesting for me personally, but at least people can play Pokken on the go now I guess?

Danny: Like James, this Direct really wasn’t for me. I haven’t really cared enough about Pokémon since X/Y and before that, Red/Blue. So Ultra doesn’t really do it for me. The VC stuff is neat, but again, not for me. Pokken is something I genuinely want to try out. Especially now that it will be on Switch.

Sairus: I still haven’t finished Sun/Moon, so Ultra was kinda lackluster for me, particularly because it was so vague. But GS relaunch and Pokken were pretty good news!

James: Yeah, and I guess everyone’s hope/prediction was wrong, and as usual I was right, no Pokemon Stars (or Ultra I guess) on Switch. They Black/White 2’ed it.

Sairus: Realistically, all I was really expecting was Pokken, but I didn’t think it would warrant its own Direct. I guess they didn’t either and bolted on Ultra to flesh it out :P
I am a little worried that Pokken DX will literally just be a copy paste of the original Pokken, plus 5 new characters and the 3v3 mode. The single player in that game was atrocious.
Super grindy, and it was so easy I literally played it without watching the screen half of the time.

James: I wanted Pokemon Snap HD Remix. Alas.

Sairus: Overall, I guess it was a pretty good direct though. For Pokemon fans it definitely wasn’t The News that they wanted, but it was still a decent spread of new info and games.
How do y’all feel?

James: A bit thirsty, and sleepy. Wake me up when it’s E3!

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