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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Cake, Plushies & Vacuum Cleaners?! | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Collabs in Japan

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is finally here. For fans in Japan, that brings a handful of cool collaborations bringing the likes of ice cream cake, plushies and a vacuum cleaner? Here, we break down everything that Nintendo and their partners have put out in celebration of this HD remake. Let’s get into it. 

Photo Spots
Leading up to the release of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD on the Switch, Nintendo placed photo spots promoting the game in various shopping malls throughout Japan. While things like this are usually in and around Tokyo, this time around several other hotspots such as Kyoto, Yokohama, Osaka and, my neck of the woods, Saitama are where you can get your photo taken with Luigi. These opened up on June 6 and the latest one runs all the way until August 31.

Convenience Stores (Family Mart)
Nintendo often teams up with various convenience store chains to promote upcoming releases and Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD was no different. Starting in mid-June, the company teamed up with store chain Family Mart to bring fans a variety of t-shirts, plushies and more. Unfortunately, most of these were not just simply for sale, but were rather part of a raffle that required the purchase of goods at the store for a chance to win. A LM2HD branded wall sticker and t-shirt were among some of the prizes as was a Nintendo Switch OLED and…get this…a vacuum cleaner. That’s right, an honest to go vacuum cleaner. As cool as it would have been to see some kind of Luigi branding on this thing, the model on offer is from maker Hitachi and is called a Hitachi Cyclone-shiki Cleaner. 22 of these are on offer for winners. These things aren’t cheap, either. It runs ¥31,800, or roughly $200 USD. Not really something I’m in the market for right now, but weird and kinda cool. 
On top of these raffle goodies, there were a few other items that fans could actually pick up in store - a Luigi Cap pouch and a Boo light. These are also on sale at the Nintendo TOKYO, OSAKA and KYOTO locations as well as via the online My Nintendo Store here. Additionally, if you picked up the game via download card at Family Mart, you would be entered into a raffle (seeing a theme here!) to win a Luigi and Polterpup plushy set. 
If you just wondered into a Family Mart during this campaign period until July 1, there was something that you could get for free - a smartphone and tablet wallpaper via GPS check-in. This required a Japanese My Nintendo account. 

Kicking off on June 28, Nintendo teamed up with Baskin-Robbins, or simply 31 as it is known as in Japan, for some Mario themed ice cream. While this isn’t the first time that the two have teamed up for this theme, this is the first time that Luigi’s Mansion saw some love. The first offering is something that most people could get their hands on without breaking the bank. The purchase of a Super Mario Double Scoop could take home a Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD mini folder.
The final thing on the menu featuring the green cap wearing plumber is none other than a Luigi’s Mansion themed ice cream cake. This thing is features up to six flavors, comes with Luigi and boo decorations, a mansion background and can be decorated to your liking. It runs ¥4,800 (roughly $30 USD) and is only available while supplies last. 

I get that not everyone is excited about the release of a decade old port from the 3DS, but I still think it’s pretty cool to see Nintendo hyping up the game in a lot of (sometimes weird) ways throughout Japan. Personally, I really hope I can try out that ice cream cake. If anything, I might try to pick up the Boo light. But let’s turn things over to you. What do you think of the items here? Was there anything that you want? Sound off in the comments down below. We’d love to hear from you. 

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