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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition Revealed, JPN Special Edition Comes with Controllers

The recently rumored compilation of classic games is now a reality. Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, known as Nintendo World Championships: Famicom Sekai Taikai in Japan, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 18. The game features over 150 speed-running skill challenges set across 13 different NES/Famicom classics. Online leaderboards with changing weekly challenges will be available as will local co-op play with up to eight players. The game will be available as a digital download or physically in Japan, retailing for ¥3,800 and ¥3,878 respectively. As of right now, the standard version of the game will be digital only outside of Japan and retail for $29.99 (USD) / £24.99. You can see the trailers for the game in Japanese and English below. 
A Special Edition of the game will also be released, but differ depending on your region. For fans in Japan, the Special Edition of the game (pictured at the top of this article) retails for ¥9,878 (roughly $63.54 USD) and includes the following:
  • Nintendo World Championship: Famicom Sekai Taikai Physical Game (with or without cart)
  • Nintendo Switch Online 7 Day Trial
  • Pin Set (five pins)
  • Art Cards (13 Total, 7 Famicom, 6 Disk System)
  • Famicom Joy Con (Two Controllers)
Other territories get all of this with the controllers being swapped out for a gold-colored NES replica Game Pak. The outer box and pricing is also different. In North America, the Special Edition retails for $59.99 and appears to be the only way to get a physical version of the game. Both Special Editions are My Nintendo Store exclusives.
Non-Japanese Special Edition
Japanese non-Special Edition Physical Version
Nintendo has been celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Famicom in Japan since last July, offering fans monthly quizzes, polls, a robust revamped Famicom history website and more. You can check out the Famicom 40th anniversary website here. For more on the controllers, be sure to check out our overview video and video on how the microphone can be used in select games below. 

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