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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Mario Potato Chips Available Now in Japan

The Nintendo food collaborations just keep on coming. Kicking off last week on Friday, September 1 and running until Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the Yamazaki Biscuit Company is teaming up with Nintendo to offer Mario themed art on their chip brand, Chip Star. A total of twelve different designs are available in both large and small sized chips. The flavors on offer with Mario characters are as follows:

Character | Flavor | Size(s)
Mario | Salt | Small, Large
Peach | Salt | Small, Large
Bowser | Consommé | Small, Large
Luigi | Salted Seaweed | Small, Large
Yoshi | Sour Cream and Onion | Small
Toads | Butter Soy Sauce | Small
Super Star Mario | Salted Shrimp (red) | Small
Super Star Mario | Seaweed Shrimp (green) | Small
Chip Star potato chips come in a tube like packaging similar to Pringles. The chips are housed in plastic and the tube itself is completely recyclable.  The small packs cost roughly ¥150 (around $1.02 USD) while the large packs cost around ¥300 ($2.04 USD). These can be picked up at convenience stores, super markets and drug stores all around the country. 

Original Merch Campaign Drawing
Two Chip Star x Super Mario Bros. special items will be available to those that purchase chips during the campaign period. 2,500 lucky winners will be able to receive either a “Big Star Cushion Set (A Grade)” or an original shoulder bag (B Grade). The Big Star Cushion comes with six star cushions (35 cm) that can be housed inside of a soft Chip Star “container (80 cm).” There will be 500 winners for the A Grade prize and 2,000 for the B Grade.
Points are required to participate in the campaign. The purchase of any of the chips in the lineup listed above will net points. Small size chips will grant one point while Large sizes will net two points. Photos of receipts will be required when submitting the data via a special online registration portal. Draws for the A Grade prize will cost four points while draws on the B Grade prize costs 1 point. A lottery will be held at the end of every month with entry open until the final day of the month at 11:59 p.m. Winners will be announced when the prizes are shipped. 

You can see a trailer and more screenshots of the chips and prizes below. 

Source: NCL, Chip Star

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