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Monday, August 29, 2022

Splatoon 3 7-Eleven Full Food Lineup Revealed

The full lineup of food and sweets has been revealed by 7-Eleven Japan. You can find the full lineup along with prices below. These items will be available at all 7-Eleven convenience store locations while supplies last. 

Apple & Muscat Grape Jelly | August 29 | ¥170
A simple jelly featuring apple and muskrat grape flavors in the main colors found in Splatoon 3. 

Strawberry Jelly & Annin Tofu | August 29 | ¥210
Annin tofu topped with strawberry cubed jelly.
Turf War Curry - Beef vs. Butter Chicken | August 31 | ¥630
Two kinds of curry, beef and butter chicken, ready for battle. A hearty helping of rice is placed in the center. 
Deep Fried Squid Menchi-katsu Burger | August 31 | ¥280
Breaded deep fried squid on a tasty bun. Not available in Okinawa (for some reason). 
Sugar Coated Doughnut | August 31 | ¥160
A doughnut topped with yellow icing accented with a blue striped glaze. 
Melonpan with Blueberry | August 31 | ¥200
A blueberry version of the (modern) classic Japanese snack topped with yellow icing. 
Seafood Cup Ramen | September 3 | ¥214
Squid Ink Flavored Ramen | September 3 | ¥214

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