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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Power Pro Baseball 2022 | English Guide | Switch

So, you just picked up eBaseball Power Pro Baseball 2022 on the Switch. Welcome to the club! OR, maybe you're thinking about it but the language barrier just seems insurmountable. No worries, we are here to help! The purpose of this guide is to get you up and running with some of the modes and other aspects of the gameplay. Just to note, I don't know if I'll be able to translate EVERYTHING, so we appreciate your understanding on that front. 

Main Menu
Above you can see all of the names of the modes translated into English. Below, you can find some short descriptions about each mode. PLEASE CLICK THE LINKS BELOW (where available) for more in-depth translations for the individual modes. This is a living guide, so more translations will (probably) be added over time. 
  • Power Park - New to Power Pros 2022, the mode contains Sushi Survival, Powerful Royale and Powerful Colosseum. 
  • My Life - Work your way through up to 30 seasons on a journey as a professional baseball player in NPB. 
  • Pennant - Choose one team and play up to 30 seasons to see if you can win it all. 
  • Exhibition - Face off against the computer or with up to four players in games of baseball. (Translation Page)
  • Power Fes - Take out opponents and build up your team with a variety of Power Pro characters. 
  • Success - A story based mode with four different scenarios, you work your way through training your created player. 
  • Practice - Pretty self explanatory, but practice all aspects of the game in some user friendly tutorials. 
  • Live Scenario - Go through real life games in short missions at key moments to change the outcome. 
  • Eikan Nine - Create your own high school (location, uniforms and more) and take the role of a coach in an attempt to lift your team the Koshien tournament. 
  • Home Run Attack - See how many home runs you can blast. 
  • Championship - The online hub for the game that allows you to join existing lobbies or create one of your own to square off against the best of the best in Japan. 
  • Pitch Maker - Develop your own pitch! You can adjust ball speed, movement and more. This can be used in Success and Power Fes. 
  • Arrange - Set up the team of your dreams with players and coaches. 
  • Player Data - Check the latest stats and more for all of the players in Nippon Professional Baseball. 
  • Power Arena - Take a look at how you stack up against other players in Japan statistically. 
  • Tournament - Create your own tournament with up to eight teams. Up to four players can participate here. 
  • Dictionary - Learn about Japanese baseball terms, rules and other Power Pro jargon. 
  • (Power Pro) Shop - Pick up stadiums, players, coaches and more for in-game currency. You can also purchase cheers on the eShop for real world money. 
  • Sound - Create your own songs that can be used in the game as a cheer song or to appear during various parts of the game. 
  • Online - You can download teams and athletes that other players have created. 
  • Settings - Change various settings in the game. 

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