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Friday, December 17, 2021

Crayon Shin-chan’s Summer Vacation On Sale NOW

The relaxing, gorgeous summer vacation centered Crayon Shin-chan game, Crayon Shin-chan’s Summer Vacation, on the Nintendo Switch is currently on sale on the eShop. Neos, the Japanese publisher of the title is hosting a sale on a handful of their titles on the platform running from December 16 until January 11. You can see the details below, including links to purchase the games if you wish.

Game Title | Original Price | Percent Off | Sale Price | Purchase Link/More Info
Crayon Shin-chan’s Summer Vacation | ¥6,580 | 24% | ¥4,980 | Buy Here
Issho ni Asobo Kōpen-chan | ¥6,050 | 34% | ¥3,980 | Buy Here
Pura-chara Friends: Hoppe-chan to Sanrio Characters | ¥5,280 | 34% | ¥3,480 | Buy Here

Crayon Shin-chan’s Summer Vacation released on July 15. For more on the game, be sure to check out our direct feed gameplay footage and/or our look at the game’s Collector’s Edition. 

Source: 4gamer

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