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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Animal Crossing 7-Eleven Collabo Goods and Food for Japan

Nintendo is teaming up with Seven & i Holdings, the parent company of 7-Eleven worldwide, for several different Animal Crossing: New Horizon food and merchandise collaborations in Japan. The campaign is set to start on Wednesday, December 8 and will run until Tuesday, December 21. The following items and food will be available across Japan at 7-Eleven convenience store locations around Japan: 


Two different kinds of instant ramen will be available - seafood and soup curry flavors. Produced by Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd., each package features Animal Crossing characters. The seafood ramen features a fishing and swimming motif, while the soup curry features images based on apples that can be found in villages. Additionally, 20 different character stickers will be randomly included with each cup. These are original recipes that are only available here. Each cup will retail for ¥198 ($1.74 USD). 
Gummy Candy
Candy company UHA Mikutō is creating two custom Animal Crossing fruit snacks. Flavors on offer in the package include apple, pear, peach, cherry and orange. The fruit are designed after the fruit that appear in the game. Although there are two different kinds of packaging, the fruit snacks remain the same. The UHA Mikutō gummy candy will be available starting December 16 for ¥198 ($1.74) each. 


Kasugai Seika, Co., Ltd. will release a package of Animal Crossing Hoshi no Konpeitō. The somewhat hard candies are come with three flavors - apple, grape, and “sugar.” These will be available starting December 16 and will retail for ¥149 ($1.31). 

The following will be available if you purchase specific food or drinks at 7-Eleven locations. 

Bottle Marker Calendar
Included with participating drinks, these small calendars sit on top of bottle caps. There are twelve to collect for each month of the year featuring different villagers. 

File Folders
The purchase of two different ice cream items will net you one of four file folders. Each file is themed after the four difference seasons, complete with relevant characters, seasonal themes and in-game items. 

If you purchase two chocolate items, you will be able to get one of four Animal Crossing pouches. Similar to the file folders, each pouch features themes based on the four seasons. These will be available in limited quantities on a first come first served basis and will be available between December 8 to December 16. 

Items for Purchase 

2022 Planner
A planner featuring villagers on each page is currently available for purchase. This 365 days planner retails for ¥1,760 ($15.48). 

A lottery is set to start at 7-Eleven, Ito Yokado supermarkets and the Nintendo Tokyo Store on December 8. Several different Animal Crossing themed items will be available. If you throw down ¥650 ($5.72), you can be entered to win one of 32 different items. 

If you are located in Japan, be sure to check your local 7-Eleven for availability. 

Source: NCL

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