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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Famicast 10: Nintendo World 2011 Japan - Hands on Nintendo 3DS Camera

Continuing our look back on the history of The Famicast, we offer a look at Danny's original impressions of the Nintendo 3DS camera. Just to put this in context, outside of a few big events in the West (namely E3), this was one of the rare chances for gamers to try out the system pre-launch. Not only that, but unlike the big events like E3, this was a chance for the public to try out the system. Read on to see what Danny thought about the feature below. Nintendo World 2011 ran during a three day weekend in Japan from January 8 to January 10, 2011.
Like it's predecessor the DSi, the Nintendo 3DS comes fully equipped with a front facing camera as well as a camera on the back of the unit. The biggest difference between the two is that this time, as the name of the unit hints at, pictures can be taken in full 3D. I know that I'm not the only one who thinks this, but the 0.3 mega pixel camera that was found in the original DSi was, quite frankly, pretty terrible. My family had a digital camera about ten years ago that saved pictures on floppy discs and I think it might have rivaled the quality of the DSi camera! To be fair, Nintendo was not trying to make a device that was going to be known for its photo taking prowess. It is a gaming device first and foremost. I can honestly say that I was still surprised to see that Nintendo did not put a better camera into the 3DS.
We can all go on and on complaining indefinitely about the poor quality of the camera on Nintendo's handheld, but it boils down to one question - Does the poor camera have any effect on how you will enjoy your games on the 3DS? Not really.

Nonetheless, I was not expecting a whole lot before I actually tried the camera out for myself. Waiting in line for twenty minutes, I saw numerous families enjoying taking 3D photographs as well as creepy guys like myself taking pictures with the cute staff girls working the booth. When I got my chance to actually get the 3DS in my own hands and take a few pictures, I was pleasantly surprised. The effect works extremely well while taking pictures. My only complaint, and it's a pretty big one, is that the poor quality of the photos themselves made me strain my eyes. I am assuming that it is because of the low resolution of the photos, but it was not a good first impression to have for the 3DS (as it was my first time ever to try out the device). I walked away hoping to God that the other games on the floor would not do the same. I can assure you that they did not, however I was worried for a little bit. It's not that the 3D effect does not work well with the camera on the system. It works brilliantly. I was just hoping Nintendo would have upped the resolution of the cameras to at least 1 mega pixel. Surely, I'm not the only one.

- Danny Bivens
January 9, 2011

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